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I'm not talking about moving around in the bed; I'm talking about dismantling the adjustable and moving it to a different room. Tempurpedic has zip, no, nada, nyet, nothing when it comes to customer service. I was given the phone number for the local rep. He stood me up on FOUR separate occasions over a period of two weeks. This is a guy who does not call or text when he is not coming. I cannot... Read more

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TempurPedic - Huge Mold Problem with Tempur-Pedic Mattress- Buyer BEWARE !!!
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Below is our complaint to the owner Craig Carpenter of a medium size local Southern California mattress chain called Orange County Mattress-- you are NOT alone. I do not understand why no one has filed a class action suit against Tempurpedic. How can they continue to get away with compliant after complaint about the exact same issue? Craig, your customer service SUCKS with a capitol "S". Let me... Read more

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We purchased our first Tempurpedic mattress, a Rhapsody King-Size Mattress, on January 22, 2013. By November, 2015, my wife and I both noticed that the mattress was sagging on both ends of the mattress where we slept, but was still firmer in the center portion of the mattress. So, on November 10, 2015 I filed our first Warranty Claim, with required photos of the broom stick with a quarter that... Read more

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I purchased 3 mattresses in 2008. My daughter's have almost 1 1/2 inch crevice in the middle. We have a 20 year warranty. They have discontinued our original mattress, which was the top of the line when I purchased it. The first list of mattresses they gave us to look at where discontinued or not carried in the retail stores because they were too hard and not good sellers. They will not... Read more

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Bed sucks from day one said it woyld get better after time, got worse we both have such sire backs now after 6 months would like to burn it in front of the store that sold it Add comment

recently bought king size cloud supreme breeze, it was bought at sleepys, delivered and setup on there foundation. we had been warned by many of the chemically smell that would dissipate in a few days to weeks which was noticeable as soon as mattress was taken out of bag along with a slight feel on moisture or cold to the touch. install brand new mattress protector and sleep. so 6 flawless months... Read more

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I have an interesting story. My name is Dominic Gerace and my wife's name is Nina. We live in Warren, Michigan. As far as back/neck/hip history, we are both healthy and active with occasional issues with aches and pains. I am 48 years old. I have had some lower back pain now and then for years, but I can still jog a few miles, mountain bike the toughest trails with steep hills, and am a... Read more

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Spent $5,000 on their new top of the line cloud luxe-hate it so much!!!!! I sleep better on the couch. I wish wish wish i could have my money back. And don't let them lie to you, there is no support. Add comment

So I guess it is ridiculous to put in a complaint about temperpedic given that I have just read over 500 of them. I agree with all the other complainants. They refuse to honor their warranty. They keep coming up with hoops to jump through until they find one you can't. Interestingly none if their info when purchased tells you to forget about a warrenty bc they won't hobo it. I am a physical... Read more

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almost a month into this, bought the "Cloud Elite" of the 7 firmness levels this is supposed to be one step up from the softest available and its like trying to sleep on a board. I toss and turn all night as my hip gets very sore, I am a side sleeper and am wishing I could get a good nights sleep, but that's impossible laying on this bed of bricks. May have something to do with me being so heavy... Read more

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