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I left a message a week ago at a customer service number given to me by a mattress Firm response. I emailed the customer response. I called 1888-811-5053 and got a real person who instituted a trip ticket for me and promised a service tech will be in touch to repair our broken frame within 48 hours. So if you are having problems call this number. She even took my email address so I will be in the loop with her... Read more

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Four years ago i bought a defective piece of junk from Raymour & Flanigan in West Hartford, CT. Now i have been trying to get them or Tempur-Pedic to do something about it. This mattress is a cheap piece of junk that did not hold up. It was comfortable for about a year. Then it started to sag. I tried rotating where i slept. Now, there's just a big bowl in the center of it. Every morning my sinuses run like crazy if I'm on this thing for more... Read more

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Purchased Tempur pedic Cloud - The first mattress we purchased and after 4 years had huge hump in middle and both box springs completely fell apart. After contacting Tempu Pedic customer service they said "yes we've been having trouble with those box springs". So they replace our original SOLID memory foam mattress (which was a solid piece of memory foam and very heavy" with a "new version/design" that was half the weight (has the grey bottom... Read more

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Amen to that. We're going on one month and the smell doesn't go away. Friends in CA have the same mattress (why we bought ours) and it didn't seem to suffer from the same problem Read more

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I purchased a Tempurpedic Cloud 11 months ago. Original out-gassing was significant but we survived. Over the past couple of months I have woken several times to severe knee pain when I roll on to my side. I sink in the middle of the bed but the feet stay elevated, forcing the knees to take the side way bend. My spouse is also having orthopedic problems, though less severe as she is shorter than I am. I had allergies when I purchased the bed... Read more

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I never had back pain until I slept on a Tempur Pedicure mattress. My husband has the same problem. Worst investment we ever made. I hope people read these reviews before buying this very expensive mattress ! My daughter also has a Tempur Pedicure mattress and now is suffering from bulging disks on her neck. She had to quit work as a teacher. She's seen several doctors and is now considering surgery. We're tired of waking up in pain every day.... Read more

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I purchased this piece of junk two days ago. I had a hard time breathing and then woke up with a back ache. I spent 6,500 on this terrible mattress. If they will not take it back at The store then u will go to our local news station. The mattress I tried in the store was not what I slept on for one night. Do not purchase these mattresses

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Two and a half years ago I spent $7,000 (yes, I was a total sucker) for a TemurPedic. I never had lower back pain or any type of back problem until I got this bed. In less than three years it caved in and didn't provide the support or comfort I was promised or they advertise. You can't move, turnover easily or ever get comfortable. I threw it out because I wouldn't give it to my worst enemy. For the last week I started sleeping on my sofa and... Read more

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I would never buy this mattress again - It's horribly expensive, terribly uncomfortable - sleeps hot hot hot and when you live in Arizona, you don't need hot! My husband has back problems and we hoped this mattress would help him but instead it made his back much much worse and he's ended up sleeping in one of our guest rooms on a regular wonderful Simmons mattress and is virtually pain free! I hate it as it is very hot to sleep on and turning... Read more

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I purchased my Temp about two years ago. About a month later I started having joint pain and back pain. After hearing all the hype of the bed, I didn't put two and two together to realize it was the bed. I travel for work and when I would be gone my pain would begin to go away. I thought it was because I wasn't able to hit the gym as much. I was very wrong. Finally about three weeks ago I went to a new doctor and told him to please figure... Read more

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