Tampa, Florida
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Be weary of TempurPedics 90 day in home trial financed through Wells Fargo Financial. Nothing is interest free and the statment "we'll reimburse the full purchase price except for the shipping cost, you'll owe us nothing" It is also an inferred conJob that you actually don't purchase the mattress until after the 90days when in fact Wells Fargo starts billing you those equal payments the same month you get the bed.I returned the bed prior to the expiration of that 90day trial in June2010 and I am still waiting for the difference between $1120 paid & $300 to return the bed. DON'T DO IT FOLKS!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Tempurpedic Mattress.

Monetary Loss: $2600.

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I financed through wells fargo and they are awesome. Pay your bill on time and youll have no issues.

If you returned it, talked to the company you bought it from.

Mattress Firm made sure when I had to return one of my tempurpedics that I was fully re-imbursed.. Before you buy, check with return policies first.


Not surprised that Wells Fargo is behind this matter. My personal experience is that they are the most unethical lenders in the business.