Jacksonville, Florida

We purchased a tempurpedic and have tried to get anyone from warrNty to simply return my call...

Im not sleeping Im in pain we were told that the mattress would soften. Now we are told that tbe mattress is discontinued. I have called numerous times when I have gotten through Im told I will get a call back within 48 hours everytime..... NO ONE EVER CALLS BACK.....!

This company obviously doesnt care because it shows

Im hopeful that our local news station wants to run this story due to many complaints and yet no one seems to know what a *** mattress this company is really putting out .... How many people have to g. Ripped Off...before this company is STOPPED.!

Product or Service Mentioned: Tempurpedic Mattress.

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Valparaiso, Indiana, United States #592146

I tried this horrible product for two months, trying to convince myself that I would get used to it. My wife HATED it immediately.

I kept saying to give it a chance. I started having severe back pain even though I had no back problems before I received this piece of ***. I had to get the state attorney general after them after they became indignant and abusive with me. I had a home trial and tried to settle with them for shipping (150 dollars) as agreed.

They wouldn't bill me as delivery men told me they would, and then they turned me over to collections. Once I sicked the attorney general on them they were nice as pie!

I hope they get audited every year. They're crooks


Hi, I'm sorry to hear of your troubles. I've had a similar experience where I called TempurPedic wanting to place an order. I called around 5 pm on a weekday and the representative who FINALLY answered my call after a 36 minute wait told me the people who could help me were gone for the day but to leave my name and number and someone would get back to me within 48 hours. Well, here we are, 2 weeks later and no call. Pathetic.

It seems they're NOT EVEN INTERESTED IN SELLING, much less providing any type of customer service once the sale has been made. My suggestion to you? Write complaint letters to the following entities:

(1) your state Department of Consumer Protection;

(2) your state Attorney General's Office;

(3) the Federal Trade Commission; and

(4) the Better Business Bureau.

Believe me, they WILL RESPOND once they start hearing from these folks. Good luck!!

Dallas, Texas, United States #587052

You can't just simply file a warranty claim because you don't like it. No wonder they aren't calling you back.

If you want it to get softer, *** your shoes and walk on the mattress. This will break it in faster and soften it up, ***

to NIgDix #596907

NIgDix, you're the *** I tried that the first week. It doesn't work. The mattress is still hard as a rock.

to bginga Denver, Colorado, United States #658163

I think some of you writing complaints need to realize that some of you simply are not doing the research prior to purchasing a product. I'm not saying that some here don't have good cause but come on...

it's too HOT... it's a memory foam bed! They ARE going to be hotter than traditional beds. It's too hard???

don't you walk in a pair of shoes before you buy them? I AM sorry some of you are upset because sales reps can be difficult, but for those of you reading this, I think it is important that you know I LOVE MINE!

I have never had these issues and every time I have contacted Tempurpedic they have treated me very kind. I hope those of you here have better luck :)

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