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Our Tempur Pedic is sagging in the middle, I feel as if I'm fighting to stay on my side of the bed. Maybe this is why my back is killing me.

The other thing is this, it is true that you don't disturb the other person when you move or get out of bed, except for the fact that ours makes all kinds of creaking noises that wake you up. We have had the bed for about three years.

I have not notified the retail store as of yet. I'm not expecting any help from them so I will probably be sucking up this bad purchase and buying something else.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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Worst purchase of my life! Spent almost 4K on a tempurpedic, only for it to start sagging in the middle after less than 4 weeks.

Customer service was a joke and they refused to replace, even though we had purchased their warranty.

Wish I had taken their punk azzes to court! I have made it a point over the years to talk people out of wasting money on anything this company sells.


A year ago, we bought a high end Tempurpedic (as our "exchange" mattress when the first memory foam mattress didn't cut it) thinking this would be the best memory foam you can buy. And perhaps it is, but my husband suffered big time with back pain as he slowly sunk into it after the first hour of sleep.

We have a split king (one side is memory foam, the other mattress a hybrid of springs + foam top). We fought over who would have to sleep on the Tempurpedic side since we both hated it. Tried to sell it for half price on Craigslist for months and NO ONE will buy a used mattresses of that quality. So last weekend we got creative once we accepted that we were stuck with this thing.

After going to IKEA, we went to the mattress section and found the softest mattress on the floor. It was way softer than our bed, but this was for testing purposes. We took a thin firm topper they also had on the floor and it did help to prevent the sinkage into the memory foam. Even more impressive was placing the topper on top of the runner mat they put at the end of the bed to keep dirty shoes off the beds.

It was a huge support base to have this rubber floor rug runner, so we thought what's another $112 dollars at this point? We bought the thin (1.5") TJOME topper (TWIN was only $99) and the $12 LYNAS floor runner. Placed the runner on top of our tempurpedic right at the lower back point, secured it tightly, then put the TJOME topper over it. Covered it all with a spare top sheet and it is now THEE more comfortable side of the bed if you can believe it!!!!!

My husband is in heaven and I thrilled that this year long battle has been resolved and we both wake up to happy backs in the morning!

The rubber runner doesn't slip at all and provides just the extra stiffness to stop the sinking. DO IT!!!!


i have been trying to exchange my tempur pedic contour signature mattress for about 4 months. I was told the new mattress was going to be available in 30 days now 125 days later it is not available and customer service will not transfer to a manager.

They seem to always be in a meeting. Any suggestions



:( Same thing here. This Tempurpedic bed is like sleeping on concrete.

we were told that it would break in and soften up but it just seems to have gotten harder after a couple of years.

This was a huge waste of money. Never again.


Has anyone tried the real Latex mattress, not the synetic man made one but the one harvested in India from Rubber Tree??


Biggest waste of money ever. I have had so much back pain from this mattress!

We have tried everything from toppers, pillow toppers and all. They make it better for a while but then its back. I tried to sleep without any topper and the bed will freeze you out. Its like sleeping on a block of ice.

If I had to do it all over again I would have walked away QUICKLY and saved my money. My floor is more comfortable!!!


My husband purchased temperpedic mattresses about 2 years ago big mistake. We went back to the store complaining,well that was a waste of time no help.

My husband has a horrible rash his ankles knees hurt. I have headaches. How do I get ahold of company to get some help.

We paid alot of money for these. I would never recommend them.


Had cloud supreme now for a year now. Been sleeping on couch for the last 11 months.

Worst purchase eabagever. Wife has to teabag me in the living room now. What if catcgthe kids walk in and catch us in the act. I feel like and *** now for being a sucker.

My wife is trying to talk with her mouth full. At least my batwings are taken care of.


We LOVE our Tempupedic Rhapsody. I can't believe that anyone's would sag as it is a very dense, firm mattress.

And yet not unyielding like regular firm mattresses. We bought our parents each a classic set (which they no longer make) and they LOVE theirs. We all got the Ergo frame that can elevate your head or feet and we love that. It is the best mattress in the world!

I would love to know if the knockoffs are as good? Because they are expensive. Buyer beware- the new "Simplicity" basic line for Tempurpedic does not have the heat leveling or moisture wicking technology. We love the comfort and that it doesn't move when I get up 3 times a night to go to the bathroom.

The mattress has a strong chemical odor straight out the package- and needs to be aired first. But it's fine after that.


Our Tempur-pedic mattress is very comfortable,

BUT I've begin to have severe leg and foot cramps. I didn't credit the Tempur-pedic mattress, until I went on a two week trip.

First week, slept in a hotel, no leg or foot cramps.

Second week, slept on a cruise ship, no leg or foot cramps. It's a mystery, a painful mystery.


Same with me. I took the memory foam topper off our bed, and suddlenly, no cramps... after weeks/months of waking up 4 to 6 times a time with unbearable leg cramps!


Wake up with leg pain, like my thighs are burning with muscle pain. When I’m away, I never have this.

The bed is so comfortable when I get in but in the middle of the night I start tossing and turning trying to relieve the pain in my legs. I spent way too much money to give this up.


I have sold mattress for nearly ten years tempurpedic is one of the best brands on the market compared to all products that are for sale today. Most of the time that somebody is not happy with there tempur is because the salesperson or the customer does not get fitted for the correct firmness.

Tempurpedic makes many differnt styles so take time in the store to get the right one the first time.

The sagging issue was because of an old style foundation they use to use but that has all been changed. I have seen many differnt styles of beds for sale but I can honestly say Tempurpedic is the best.


We have loved our Tempurpedic mattress for the past 5 years, but now it is sagging on both sides of the bed where my husband and I sleep. We paid $3500, and we are going to have it replaced. Please advice the best way to do this, I am sure we will run into problems.


Very surprised to find the $4,000 mattress to be uncomfortable and difficult to find comfort and sleep well. It was too soft to turn over easily, then felt like you were trying to sleep on a rock.

The smell was also unpleasant even though they claim that will go away.

We exchanged for non-foam mattress. Thankful for the exchange.


I had a problem with my Classic Tempurpedic sagging in the middle 6 years after I purchased it. I contacted tempurpedic via email and they sent me the instructions and application for a new one.

I took photos of the sag, filled out the app, and emialed and mailed the information to Tempurpedic. 2 months went by with no word from them and then one day we get a call from a local furniture company wanting to know when they can deliver our new mattress. The next day we had a new support, base, and mattress.

No fees, delivery charges or anything. Still have troubl sleeping on the Tempurpedic but they did stand by their warranty.


We purchased a tempur-pedic Classic about 6 years ago due to a back issue my wife was having, neither of us have slept well since. Sometimes my back pain is so bad it actually hurts to breath and roll over!

Like Kenny, we slept on a hotel mattress that was awesome, and we're ordering one asap. I would recommend that anyone looking at a tempur-pedic, take advantage of an in home trial before buying.

This bed is not for everyone. PS, if you like certain hotel beds, just search the hotel chain online or call to see what type of beds they use.


I bought mine in 2008. In six months I noticed it to sag in the middle.

I contacted tempurpedic. I was told to take mattress off and measure with a yard stick and take pictures of the sag. I live alone.I had to get four people to come over and lift it off the frame. We took the pictures and my computer wouldnt send them because the file was too heavy.

I never did anything more about it.

I wake up several times a nite with awful back and leg pains. I can't beleive I spent so much for a product that makes my life miserable.


We have had out "Rapsody" TempurPedic for four weeks. It is the worst mattress we have ever slept on.

It is hard, I cannot roll over, and I am weezing every night. The store will not issue a refund ($4000.00) because that option is available only when mattress is purchased directly from TempurPedic (for a $400.00 fee). The store has agreed to let me exchange it for any other mattress they carry. We are going to go wuth a natural latex mattress.

($1300.00 less). Do your homework before you shell out the money for a TempurPedic


I have had a Tempurpedic for about 3 years. It was great at first but now I have knee problems and ankle problems. After reading these comments I think I may try a differant bed and see if anything changes.