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Our Tempur Pedic is sagging in the middle, I feel as if I'm fighting to stay on my side of the bed. Maybe this is why my back is killing me.

The other thing is this, it is true that you don't disturb the other person when you move or get out of bed, except for the fact that ours makes all kinds of creaking noises that wake you up. We have had the bed for about three years.

I have not notified the retail store as of yet. I'm not expecting any help from them so I will probably be sucking up this bad purchase and buying something else.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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#293746 wife and I just got a Tempurpedic Calif King and we were so excited. I just KNEW it would end my back pain.

Well guess what. My back pain is now WORSE than ever. My wife on the other hand loves the bed. Wished I knew where the back pain was coming from.

I HAVE recently slept on a hotel mattress that was AMAZING!! No back pain, But like a fool...I never thought to look at what kind of mattress it was.


U guys are crazy. My soft cloud supreme is the best purchase of my life.

granted, I do not have back problems of any kind, but even so, I can notice that I sleep thru the night more easily, wake up in the morning feeling like I have gotten enough sleep, and it noticeably let's heavier parts (like hips and shoulders) sink in more, which is probably the best attribute because it REALLY does align ur spine and creates unimaginable comfort. I was hooked the first night.

I have literally been more productive and happy even if I have to wake up without 8hrs of sleep. These beds could be touted as increasing the productivity of the US (or world) :grin


I also have trouble sleeping on my Tempurpedic. I toss and turn all might trying to get comfortable!

It especially hurts my hips and shoulders. My hips hurt so much that it hurts to walk the first few hours after I wake up. My husband can't sleep on it because itself his back, chest and shoulders hurt. You sink into the foam and don't get support.

Will never buy another one and will NOT recommend!

Paid about $4,000 for king size. :x :(


Purchased a Tempurpedic Bellasonna as it was suppose to be the best bed besides the Grand Bed. WE have had this bed now for about 4 or 5 years and it is starting to sag after spending over $7K for a Calf King Bed.

We are still waiting for Tempurpedic to contact us, but no luck as of yet.

The bed does have a warranty and it does state that for first ten years full replacement. Since they don't make this bed anymore, we will see what they offer us.


We own a Tempurpedic Bellasonna and the bed has spots where you can see spots where it sinks.

I now know why they don't sell this bed anymore as it is a back killer and isn't what is was lived up to be. Paid over $6K for a Calf King and it was a bad investment.


STAY AWAY FROM BRAGADA. I had the Viena king size and it is HORRIBLE., after 2 weeks I couldn't sleep on it .

After 3 months finally got a refund and a late charge while I was waiting for them to credit my account. I still had to pay 300 bucks to end the nightmare. The mattress sags so bad where you sleep you can't even roll over without a lot of effort. The bed was way to hot for my wife and after 2 weeks we put our old 10 year old sealy queen back in our room .

We were told to throw the Bragada in the trash because thats what it is.

THEY SAY THEY ARE UNDER NEW MANGMENT but what about the product they have in stock. Somebody is going to get stuck with a bag of sponges for a bed.


tempurpedic is just like the sleep # they both suck you into the mattress fold in half and hold you there till they get all your money and then let you go and will not help you fix replace or warrenty anything.Trust me I know been there done that


Why would you not call the store just to see what they would say.And then write your review


We bought a temperpedic bed 3 years ago and paid a lot of money for it. It felt great in the beginning.

My back didn't hurt when I woke up. After 6 months the bed started to get softer. I wake up with increased back pain every single morning. This is not a good bed if you have back problems.

It gives no support once it starts to go soft. They need to recall them all. I have had the worse back pain in my life since buying the temperpedic.

The only good think is it doesn't transfer motion. That's about it.I wish i had tried the sleep number bed instead.


I don't know what you guys are having with these beds. I have back problems severe enough to warrant permanent disability from Social Security.

This is the only bed that I have ever slept on that I sleep well and wake up with less pain than when I went to sleep. I have the Deluxe model. I will never use a different bed. If this one wears out I will buy another one.

I have tried Sealy Posturepedic, Serta Perfect Sleeper & the Sleep Number Bed (that one is the worst of them all).

All of those are expensive sets. I went through all of those in 4 years.:zzz


It has a 20 year warranty, call the manufacturer and get a replacement.


I have suffered from lower back pain ever since buying this bed. The so-called memory foam doesn't bounce back and my side of the bed is lack a giant hole.

I've moved off the bed and onto the floor. This bed is my nightmare.


I have problems with this junk foam bed like everyone else. I sugguest everyone call there better business bureau in there state and after a number of complaints maybe the company will have to recall them or an attorney will pick this up as a class action suit against Tempurpedic.

I started with lower back pain now I have leg problems. So DO NOT BUY THIS BED FOR ANY TYPE OF PAIN RELIEF !!!

and it's true they do sag where your body lays it's like your sleeping on the wooden pedestal. I have a king size and had it for a while paid a whole lot of money for it when I could've got the same results sleeping on my bedroom floor !


We purchased our king deluxe TP about 3 years ago at Wickes in Salem. It always made so much creaking noise that we would always wake up when one of us would move or get up.

Wickes gave us the run around then they closed all of their Oregon stores. We noticed that it was the TP foundation that was making all the noise. After a couple of years the mattress began to sag alot on each side where we each lie. A couple of months ago I sent in the warranty claim with pictures and 2 weeks later they sent us a brand new bed, foundation and even a new bed frame.

They didn't charge us any shipping. The new foundation doesn't look anything like the 3 year old one. A lady at TP customer service told me that they had recently greatly improved the new foundations after discovering than they eventually damage the mattress. If I were you, I would just deal directly with TP.

We were shocked in how fast they responded to our claim. We have had the new bed over a month now and it is wonderful.


I know this thread is a little old, but if anyone is still checking in on it, check out Its a weird name I know, but I have slept on their PacDown memory foam mattress for about six months now and love it.

I know that is still within the time frame that everyone still loves their tempurpedic, but the thing about bedinabox is apparently they are a small company, so they really care about their reputation and in turn take care of customers.

They were very nice when I called to ask some questions over the phone. So I guess if you ever get your money back from TP (not likely) you can outfit your beds with stuff from


I slept on a Tempur-Pedic for a couple of years and really didn't like it - when I would first get in bed, I would freeze, the mattress was so cold!!! I slept in a water bed for years and have gone back to one.

I have very bad back/neck problems and the water bed is the ONLY bed that I can sleep in that does not hurt me.

I have a fiber filled mattress so it doesn't move much at all but is so comfortable and, as I stated, helps my back/neck pain. I've had disk removal, ESI's, you name it but I couldn't make it without my water bed.


Please Please do not buy this bed. After about a year it goes soft and starts to sag and forget about any help form tempurpedic, they pro-rate and you have to pay shipping, plus you have to take pictures of the bed.

The store gave us a very differnet story, we were told by them that someone would personally come out and look at the mattress which was a bold lie.

The worst part is we bought both a king and a queen set. Thats a lot of money to throw in the trash but that is where these mattress are going.


Our bed was great, for about 1 year. I then started waking in the middle of the night with extreme pain all around my torso and ribcage, like someone was sitting on me, every single night.

My doctor did MRI's, CAT scans, blood work, X-rays, all negative. Then I decided to do a google search on Tempurpedic complaints. I cant believe all the poor people that have problems like me! The bed has turned so soft where we lay that it's like laying in a hammock, the middle of your body sags down low.

The warranty is a joke! I hate this bed after spending over $2000 and just over 2 years of use. We are both slim people and the bed has been supported as they tell you to do.

Don't buy it. I wish I had a new bed tonight!

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