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These mattresses are NOT all they are advertised to be. I can barely move in the morning after trying to sleep on the ridiculously expensive Temperpedic.

My back aches, and my hands, arms and legs go numb during the night. I never had these issues until I got this bed. I'm better off sleeping on the floor until I can save up enough $$ to buy a regular mattress.

What a terrible waste of money.

If you are considering buying a Temperpedic or anything similar (memory foam), be ready to deal with a lot of body pain, and "mental pain" in trying to return the thing.

Product or Service Mentioned: Tempurpedic Mattress.

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My arms and legs would go numb too. And I've had chronic shoulder problems - very painful - that began about a year after getting the bed and have continued ever since I quit sleeping on it over three years ago.


This is the worst bed I now wake up with a numb leg this is ridiculous. There should be lawsuits against the company promoting this air mattress.


AMEN Brother!! I feel your pain!

no, really, I feel the same pain you do in my back, my legs, and my shoulders. I don't feel any pain in my feet or arms because they're usually numb when I wake up. The first 30 days we owned our CalKing Tempur were pretty good, although the lack of movement we experienced during the night and the suffocating feeling the foam creates on your underside are pretty *** After the first month...the pain set in. My wife and I have lived with this beast for over a year with daily morning pain and multiple nightly wake-ups.

This was the wrong bed for both of us - and we have very different body types! I understand that for some people this bed might be great - but the marketing hype is waaaay overboard for the reality that many of the rest of us are paying the HIGH price for. This was a mistaken choice with no refund or return potential. I too recommend that anyone considering this bed find a way to test it for over 30 days to see if it really is the right choice.

Better yet, do some real research and find a better bed. Don't believe the hype of their marketing dept...and do what's best for you.


Don't always be convinced that popularity on a bed is the right choice for you. Everyone is different.

Some people can sleep on firm mattresses and be happier than a clam, some love and swear by the Temperpedic and have no pains. Coming from me however, the Temperpedic is a true nightmare. My boyfriend tried convincing me for a year now that his Temp. was a back saver.

It has about sent me to an orthopedic surgeon! It doesn't support the areas of my core, and I wake up with back and diaphragmatic spasming. As a massage therapist, I say that this mattress for some people has sent me a lot of unnecessary repeat business.

Not to mention me passing along business to my chiropractor who advises not to ever purchase one! Be aware that you can give them a try before purchasing, and if the sales person doesn't let you, go to another store!


I've seen the complaints about Tempur Pedic, and most are the same. I have a suggestion.

I had a patress that was hard as a metal slab. I purchased a matress topper from JC Penneys for $150. This is a closed cell foam top that's 4 inches thick. I forms to the body like Tempur Pedic is suppose to do, but at a fraction of the cost.

This item goes on top of any matress.

I only suggest this for matress' that are hard as the original matress will give support while the topper will give a bit for more comfort. You have to admit $150 beats $3500 any day.

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