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DANGER: if u notice severe/unbearable neck pain as your day progresses, its from this

" TEMPUR-PEDIC =SWEDISH MONEY-MAKER" QUICKSAND(never make the mistake of falling

asleep on your stomach)

STOP immediately if you don't want to STRAIN the BLOOD VESSELS in you neck! I took a

stand against my wife & now gets the best sleep on a regular matress!

I slept on this SILENT KILLER/nightmare for a year before I realized it!



Product or Service Mentioned: Tempurpedic Mattress.

Monetary Loss: $3000.

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Tempurpedic invented meomry foam that they refer to as tempur material. All other companies use a generic the best know of which is Visco.

Tempurpedic is designed to relieve your pressure points. Visco and other meomry foams are softer and do not provide the same level of support. Both are not 100% meomry foam. If they were they would be too soft to support you.

They have a certain number of inches of meomry foam and a denser base foam. This is how they produce the support and feel they are looking for. Tempurpedic gives a 20 year limited warranty as well as a 90 ddays comfort guarantee. You won't get that with the others.As for the Sleep number bed my daughter and son in law has had one for over 3 years.

My daughter loved it at first now she hates it.

It is not comfortable no matter what number she sets it on. It also changes numbers on its own.


My husband and I bought a Tempur-pedic in 2006 was great for about 8 mo then the back pain return ,sleepless night.I call tempur and they said to messured with a pole to see how much the bed is slopping and take picture and they will do an exchange.I did the bed was a pack of cig vertical high slopped in the middle.We got a new version exchange ,well 6 mo later we started having the same problem,so we called and asked for store credit they wouldn't do it just another exchange! I wasn't happy,so to the store I go pay for a warrenty credit for this Tempo so I could get there bed!

I got the credit of 80% for the Tempur-pedic,pick a new bed yesturday we were to get the new bed and they were to take that Tempur-pedic away .They removed the top still brand new removed the bed skirt and there in the middle on the box spring was MOLD,how shocked we were .No water ever touch this bed ,the mold we from the box it self and they refused me my new bed and would take the moldy box for the exchange.I called the manager and they said they could do a think ,Tempur had to.Today I put a claim in to have a new box del with pic sents of the mold as well.I am mad at the store,really feel that they should have this exchange problem with Tempur pedic,but because this company has it own policy they can't help me other then if I pay for the new box 250.00 on top of the 500 I already put to new bed.Realy unfair and will wait for new box to be sent.

I would check your mattress ,the box spring for mold and get rid of it ASAP! There something wrong with desighn of the new box that a breeding ground for mold!


I bought a 10 inch tempurpedic delux. king for $3300 with tax. I never had shoulder problems before I used this thing. I had cortisone injections before I realised the problem was from the matress. My wife bought a gel pad from Costco for $150 which we put on top . It has helped some but eventually I will get rid of this thing. It would be suitable for target practice for shotgun,bow, rifle etc.


Tom Evans DDS


Silent killer is a perfect name for this ***.I cannot understand, how it is not yet banned.


How do you keep the sheets on the therapudic mattres?


I did fall for the 90 free trial. The sales person of the store I dealt with told me I would have to pay $350 restocking fee, and get the rest in store credit, to return the bed.

Well after making a big scene the manager decided to get my number, and make some calls. He did, and called me back. He asked me if I would by a different mattress in there store he would waive the $350 restocking fee, and give the rest of the money back in cash. So I say make a scene, and call them out on the honesty.

It worked for me. :roll :roll :roll

Athens, Illinois, United States #263286

FOr the past year I have been having horrible breathing problems. I would wake up gasping for breath, all day I'd gasp and be unable to catch a full breath.

I could not understand what was happening to me. I went to the doctor but he could not find what was wrong. I stopped taking all my medicines thinking I was having a reaction to one of them. Over time it was getting worse.

I was so scared and confused. Finally one day out of desperation, I looked up tempurpedic allergies. I fou d a site filled with other people's stories about their health issues due to this memory foam that is made with toxic chemicals. I only had a tempurpedic pillow.

I took it off my bed and got a new, organic pillow. Today is the 4th day I've slept without that pillow and as of today my breathing is almost completely back to normal. I just went through a year of *** due to that toxic pillow.

Please do not buy any tempurpedic foam items! It is not worth it!


Everything is not for everyone, if one is unhappy don't bash a product that has helped so many people.

Just like anything in life buying a mattress is no different.

Tempur is a great product I'm 6'2" 330, I no longer have back pain and I don't sleep hot like all the reviews say.

The salesperson who sold me mine. Told me all about the fees and everything associated with a possible return or exchange.


Mr. Shiloh,

If someone tells me i can try a product for 90 days and if I don't like it I can return it..................then I expect them to VERBALLY tell me that I would still have to buy the adjustable base for $1200.00!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


:cry worst bed i ever bought now gardner white wants to charge me 250.00 restocking fee for a bed that makes me sick. I cant sleep on it.

watery eyes, stuffy nose, terrible headach. dont do it I lost money...


I am having the same problem severe/unbearable neck pain and back pain.


What do you expect? Do you think you can just try a product for 90 days and not have to pay a thing? Read the websites policies before ordering.


I am so confused. when you search for tempur-pedic reviews, every page/site gives it 5 stars (or close to perfect). Even the BBB *supposedly* gives them an A+...

BUT, if you dig a little, every REAL review about its actual performance is EXTREMELY negative.

I was going to try the "free" 90 day thing (for my mom who has FM and is on a fixed income)until finding out that "free" in this case can range from $120 - $500, or even worse, $2000 worth of store credit if you try the "risk free trial" from a local supplier.

Soooo, thanks for this review.

Apparently you've saved me some headaches and some $$. Although you didn't have a $$ issue, seems like a lot of others have. I wish people would start reporting the shady "free trial" stuff to the BBB tho, before other people get scammed.

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