Los Angeles, California

Bought a 6000.00 bed on 11-08-2011. Bought 2 pillows, get one free.

5 phone calls, advised that thay would call back, 9 weeks now. Still no pillow, still no call back. Tempur pedic sucks. I called the tempur pedic customer service number and all they do is refer you to a 1 800 365-3354 number.

I believe no one answers that number. The owner will receive a letter from me concerning this matter in detail.

Not that it will do any good. I believe this co is co-owned by our good friend president o'bama..

Product or Service Mentioned: Tempurpedic Bed.

Monetary Loss: $6000.

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Really, I mean seriously. What in the *** does the president of the country have to do with you not getting a pillow?

If you are'nt a fan of the president, then so beit, but stop looking for excuses to blame the man for everything.

Makes one wonder if you even have a legitimate complaint anyway. Stop using the site to view you political opinions.


Really......bring the Pres into it b/c you didn't get a free pillow? :cry


How to Complain Effectively, Lesson #1: When you contact customer support and they don't give you the answer you want to hear, ask for their supervisor. If the supervisor can't help, ask for HIS supervisor. Repeat until success or at least an acceptable compromise is offered.

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