Wooster, Ohio

Nine years ago we purchased our first memory foam bed, (Simmons ) We were extremely pleased and had the best sleep of our life!! This was when the beds were made of true memory foam...

It is with deep disappointment that we attempted to duplicate that feel with the so called current memory foam. After trying a number of sad expensive beds(4) we believed the hype of the so called number one bed in America , Temperpedic. Well of course it is also costliest!! We paid an unbelievable amount of money, again to be thoroughly disappointed. All of these beds are made of Cheap foam. They say it has a couple inches of memory!? What, you are charging multiple of thousands for foam!!

They say they added cooling gel, that's because foam sleeps hot'!!!! Our first true memory foam did not!

Temperpedic and all foam bed sellers should be ashamed of their poor product and high price points. All consumers need to be aware of this....

Unfortunately I wish I had a place to send you for a good night sleep.

Will someone please start over and make us a real bed to sleep in. We are willing to pay for that but also expect true quality, not hype!!!

Sleepless In Ohio


Monetary Loss: $14000.

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Im not sure why you think Tempurpedic is not true memory foam and Simmons is. I sell both brands and I can tell you, Tempurpedic is the FIRST memory foam.

They are the original innovator of memory foam and anything else is considered knock-off. If you were that happy with the Simmons, perhaps you should have stuck with it?

Lexington, Massachusetts, United States #839244

Have they changed the true memory foam? even temperpedic??? We have a new one, and it doesn't seem to be like the old one..

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