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Mattress King told us Tempur-Pedic NEVER goes on sale....

1 month after we paid an outrageous amount for a king, it was discounted $600 (ad in 5-19-2012 paper). called Mattress King, they can't help and offered their apologies. Most retailers offer a price guarantee. If an item goes on sale for less within 60-90 days, a refund is offered. BUT NOT MATTRESS KING!! The explanation from Mattress King makes no sense...."the sale is put on by Tempurpedic". Doesn't Tempurpedic pass on the savings to Mattress King and then the consumer?

"I looked into your purchase of the Tempurpedic Cloud supreme on 4.19.

Unfortunetly there is nothing Mattress King can do. Tempurpedics are price regulated and the sale for $600 off is put on by Tempur, not Mattress King.

The Tempurpedic rules of the current $600 off sale is not good on any purchases prior to May 18.

I am sorry, but there is nothing we can do.

Thank you,

Megan "

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They have a 90 day return policy, send it back!


I don't pay $3700 for a gallon of gas.

a $600-$800 discount on a product IS significant, especially on a product that specifically says on their website that the product is NEVER discounted. I feel cheated and misled.


The $600 savings on a king is a true manufacturers promoted event where Tempurpedic is discounting the wholesale cost to the retailer.Tempurpedic does not give the retailer a full $600 reduction by any means but a portion of it.

Tempurpedic does not inform the retail sales associates of upcoming events until a few days ahead of time. Your sales person did not trick you or lie to you, they simply gave you the best information available at the time. I know you feel that you are due the lower price but when you purchased, the savings event was not going on. Just for your information...Tempurpedic will not be refunding Mattress King for the Cloud Supremes they purchased for inventory the month prior to the sales event either.

Do you also get "pissed" when you fill the gas tank of your car and the price drops a nickel the next day?If you let yourself worry too much about what might be tomorrow you will never make a decision today.

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