Hanover, Pennsylvania

Awful experience! Fumes caused headaches and severe sore throats and nausea.

We would strip the bed each day to let it air out but nothing helped. We returned the bed 28 days later. We have a rescue cat who has always slept with us who has always been healthy And the first time she ever slept on the bed she woke up and threw up all over it and stayed away from that point. We bought the protective mattress cover from the store but unfortunately it did not state to keep all animals and people from it while in the process.

We assumed that our health was not comprised by the "smell". The lengths that were taken to adjust to the new mattress were above and beyond what should be expected of a consumer only to have to return it.

I am amazed that this product is considered safe and is still on the market. Do your research if you are considering this bed.

Product or Service Mentioned: Tempurpedic Mattress.

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I'm ready for a class-action suit!!if you know what to do.....do it!!! Contact me when you do as I'm one of the Tempur-suffers also!!This company is still in biz' and could careless that we all got ripped off!!

I'm ready!!!!


There is a class action suit against them for the off gassing and the LIES, it's been revealed through lab tests that the beds contain TOXIC VOC's including but not limited to formaldehyde.

GOOGLE IT and you will find the class action law suit going against them, SIGN UP!


Thanks!!! I will look it up and take action!! Thanks again!!!


There are advantages and disadvantages to each mattress. My suggestion is to go with natural latex mattress/topper.

With natural latex, it has the same utility as memory foam but only in a natural form and is anti-bacterial and hypo-allergenic.

The way I explain the difference between latex and memory foam to my customers are that natural latex is natural, it conforms to the body/sleeping position, it acts just like a giant rubberband which recovers right away.

Latex also comes in different firmness.

If someone is looking for memory foam but without all the added chemicals or sleeping warm, consider latex.


Wow, I was thinking about getting a Tempur-Pedic. Now reading the reviews, NO WAY.

First, I can not sleep in a hot bed,if it makes me sweat that would be uncomfortable, Then if I do sweat, mold would grow on the mattress.

Way to many start to loose firmness where you sleep and sag. Thats it, I lost any interest in your mattress.


We have had ours for 5 months now. I realized I did not like it after a few nights but persevered. I emailed the coy who said you can't return it you are stuck with it, but perhaps try kneeling all over it.

That helped a bit. Sometimes you feel you got a great nights sleep but in the morning you feel your body has been compressed.

I have suffered sore backs and necks for years , my old mid back pain is no better but now my shoulders and neck are sore all day and my hips.

We should all seriously star a class action as someone else said to put thes jokers out of business. I doubt we would get our money back.


Bought mattress and loved it for 6 years! Then it began to SHRED!

Returned it and got a new one. Back aches from years ago came back and it definitely does not feel like original, feels like ordinary foam mattresses I used to buy.

The smell of this one took months to go away. I miss my old shredded one!


Thank you to everyone weighing in on these serious complaints,your not just one,but thousands,theres validity in that many numbers.My health is so poor that I wanted the info sent to me,thinking this is the bed I NEED.With exception of price being exorbitant,the issues of the complaints,are beyond my ability to express my gratitude,I was considering putting myself in a financial predicament ,thanking you to all of you,now I have completely given up this idea of purchasing this bed.Id love to hear,from all the complainents,suggestions of beds that are firm,and worth looking into purchasing.Once again,you have all literally saved my life,my medical problems are a matter of life and death,AND MY GRATITUDE IS UNENDING.

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