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I Went to a knock off brand store that sells tempurpedic matresses through the actual tempurpedic matress company I tried the matresses out and the man was helping me to find one was comfortable and sold me on one. I asked for the softest matress out of all of the queen foam matresses along with one of their pillows which cost $99 plus tax and the matress ranging from $250-$400 and he ended up ordering it and when I got it, for the first night IT WAS TERRIBLE!!!!!

I never slept so uncomfortably in my life! So I called them up and told them how uncomfortable it was for my first night they said they would let me take a matress toppler home along with a different pillow to see if that would make it comfortable (i paid $30 more dollars for a different pillow) and still that *** was uncomfortable! So I called them up again told them I want my money back and they said ok. I bought the matress back with the pillow and she said "they can't refund me back any money for the pillow.

I think it's *** that I spent all that money on something that can't be returned!! So apparently she was able to reimburse me for the matress but not the pillow, how RETARDED!! But the the thing that pissed me off the most is the fact that I go home to find out the next day that none of that money is in my account!! So here I am trying to figure out why it says that that money was put in there in the first place!

So I march in that store wanting to sue these people and I take the pillow with me and tell her " i am not happy with this purchase, u really need to take this pillow back and reimburse me" and she " we can't give refunds for the pillow because the tempurpedic company won't take them back" HOW *** IS THAT???!? .. So now I'm stuck with a $132 pillow that I am not happy with and on top of that I have no money in my account from the reimbursement of the matress. WHICH IS BS!!!


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I'm just going to bet you're a *** and got suckered into buying an offbrand mattress being marketed as a Tempurpedic by some ghetto store to fool idiots. Good luck bumbling through life never using your brain.

Denver, Colorado, United States #658199

You probably should be investing your money in a bed and should probably invest in some education.

1) For $400.00 you can't even buy the Tempurpedic dog bed. But i'm sure you got every penny worth in your salesman's personal basement special.

2) This is NOT a tempupedic complaint but a local store complaint.

3) DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH! If you did than you would know it's takes more than just one day assuming you even ordered a tempurpedic bed.

Stick with a air mattress... seems to be a bit more your type!


I recently psruhaced a tempur pedic bed at sleep train, and they included 300 bucks of accessorys for free. But I am a side sleeper as well.

I tested out ever pillow their, even the side sleeper, and I do not recommend it. It is made out of a design that just doesnt work. I wouldnt reccomend the neck pillow either, even know that one does work well. However I feel the best one if you prefer firmness is the comfort pillow.

However if your prefer softer than the cloud will work.

I have both and prefer the cloud most of the time. But as again the neck pillow works better than the side sleeper.


Resaler. How are you blaming tempurpedic for your refund problem


Resaler. How are you blaming tempurpedic for your refund problem


couple hundred dollars for a tempurpedic mattress??? are you sure? they start at $2k plus base


You slept on it one night and decided you didnt like it. Man, that's your fault.

You have to give yourself time to adjust to sleeping on something different. And pillows are personal items. What are they gonna do with your used pillow you drooled all over? And it takes time for a refund to be posted back onto your credit .

Usally 3-4 days.

And you got a full refund ? Sounds like you were treated fair and you are the type that wouldnt be happy even if you were given the mattress.


We bought a tempurpedic matress and the springs and the pillows. Very costly.

Thought I would get used to it, since my husband is the one with the real issues of pain. He at first said it was ok, then after a year, the bed started sinking where you lay. He has a hard time getting in and out of bed. So, this isn't good.

Company wants pic showing over a quarter sinking and they will replace it. We both think the bed is terribly uncomfortable. when I stay at my daughters and sleep on my old (new) mattress, I sleep wonderfully, get up refreshed. I have no headache, no back ache, nor neck ache.

My husband is getting worse and worse using the bed, but, he has no where else to sleep.

He is in bed much of the day. I hate the bed and the hard sell and the heavy weight and the heavy price.


Are you really complaining about a mattress you didn't even buy? That doesn't make any sense. They should check IQs before letting anyone rant!


your review sucks


You didn't get a tempurpedic mattress if you only spent 2-300 bucks. Lol.

You bought a piece of *** knock off like you said. The cheapest tempurpedic "name brand" mattress is 5 grand.

So yea I bet your did suck.. Lol

to Chris Denver, Colorado, United States #588866

Thank goodness they aren't all starting at $5000.00!!

We would not have purchased the 3 for our home now.

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