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Severe increasing breathing, mental and physical problems encountered by myself and my wife

while sleeping on a Tempur-pedic mattress.

We Purchased a Tempur-pedic King size Weightless Supreme Mattress and two queen sized

Cloud Pillows for $3299.00, via telephone from Tempur-pedic on November 24, 2012. We

received the pillows within a few days of the order placement and the mattress arrived the first

week in December 2012. We immediately set up the bed, complied with Tempur-pedic's

recommended procedures for assisting in reducing the gas/chemical smells from the mattress and

pillows by airing and walking on them several times and immediately began sleeping each night

on the Mattress and utilized the Cloud Pillows.

Increasingly, when sleeping on the mattress, I became aware of increasing difficulties breathing,

gasping for breath, extensive sinus mucus drainage and feelings of a partially blocked or swollen

throat. I was having increasing difficulty sleeping and when I did sleep I would sometimes wake

up almost panicky with a sensation of drowning. Mentally I had an increasing inability to relax

with extensive random rapid frustrating uncontrollable mental thoughts leaping through my mind

making sleep very difficult or impossible. Being a senior citizen I assumed I had "a bug" that

would resolve itself and/or I was just getting older and had to expect these difficulties to occur.

The symptoms would lessen during the daytime and I would feel better by evening.

As the symptoms continued to become more severe I determined that I must take some sort of

action to attempt to find a cause for and some relief from these problems. I tried to determine if I

had changed any meds or other aspects of my life that could possibly contribute. We evaluated

our foods for any changes of diet or any life style changes that may have contributed. After

extensive considerations I thought to evaluate the potential that the Tempur-pedic mattress and/or

pillows could be a factor.

At this point I chose to try to continue to sleep on the Tempur-pedic mattress but utilize a regular

conventional pillow from our old bed. My symptoms during the night and day reduced somewhat

but did not stop. Sometimes I would change back to the Tempur-pedic pillow and my symptoms

would once again increase.

Finally I chose to try to sleep in our guest bedroom on a conventional inner spring mattress with

a regular pillow to see if there was a difference in my symptoms. The first night I slept fitfully

but the symptoms were greatly reduced. Since then, each night I have slept more soundly and the

symptoms now have reduced to the point that I feel what I consider to be much improved. I do

not know if my symptoms will ever completely clear up and/or if there is possibly some

permanent damage been caused, but I have chosen to not sleep again on the Tempur-pedic

mattress and/or pillows. We are in the process of obtaining a new pure 100% natural latex

mattress to replace the Tempur-pedic mattress and pillows. at a cost of $2807.00.

As I discussed my symptoms and concerns with my wife she also began to list symptoms that she

was experiencing that she was trying to justify as possible aging and/or stress/intensity in her

employment requirements.

Some of the symptoms she listed were; eyes feeling very tired with stinging and burning

sensation, inability to think as well and difficulty in concentrating on specific subjects, severe

itching on the back of her neck and head, not sleeping soundly and not feeling rested, very tired

and un-energetic all the time.

After the decrease in my symptoms after one night, she chose to also sleep in the guest bedroom

on the conventional inner spring mattress and pillow. Her symptoms have also significantly

improved. We have never slept on the Temper-pedic mattress or pillows again.

After all of our efforts it is apparent and it is my opinion that the off-gassing from chemical

by-products from the Tempur-pedic mattress and pillows is the cause our discomfort and


On April 16, 2013, we filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau concerning our

problems with the Tempur-pedic products. After extensive communications from BBB to

Tempur-pedic, as of June 3, 2013 there has been absolutely no communications from the

Tempur-pedic company in any manner.

Product or Service Mentioned: Tempurpedic Mattress.

Monetary Loss: $3300.

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Tempurpedic is made of a long list of TOXIC chemicals. Formaldehyde being one of them.

This is the reason you got sick.

It's the reason I got sick over a year ago, and the reason I'm still

having health problems from their toxic products.

They LIE and say they are allergen free, they LIE and say there is nothing that could hurt you in the offgassing process. There is a class action lawsuit going against them for the lying and deception.

I sincerely hope it puts them out of business!


Your review was written professionally and thoroughly. I admire your obvious concern, taking the time to communicate your experiences with others, so we are not subjected to similar adverse circumstances and effects.

I think one of the worst characteristics is lack of accountability. The only thing worse is when it manifests into indifference. I am uninterested in paying out our hard-earned income to a company that appears not to care, based on your review. The fact that you have not received any follow-up from Tempurpedic pretty much says it all, IMO, doesn't it?

As a result, I am going to call our local store and ask that the Tempurpedic mattress we bought tonight, scheduled for delivery tomorrow, be returned. We will go back to the same mattress store and purchase a mattress manufactured by another company. Companies had better get their acts together and reevaluate their customer service policies - w/o it, they are doomed for failure.

Once a reputation is tarnished, it is difficult to ever fully overcome it.


After numerous times of trying to get Temperpedic to responded to our concerns they did finally get back to us and did finally fully refund our purchase price and picked up the mattress and pillows on the condition that I sign a wavier that I would never participate in any lawsuit against them which I readily did.

We subsequently purchased a mattress of full medical healthy Latex and have been very happy with the results. We have had no negative symptoms from our Latex mattress and pillows with a very comfortable sleep.

I still have some physical issues that I believe are directly related to the Temperpedic experience and believe I will always have them.