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Pissed! Pissed! Pissed! The aggravation & sleep depravation this $3,000 Cloud Supreme mattress has caused me could be put into a small novel. We bought this Tempur-pedic Cloud Supreme mattress from a local retailer thinking it would be great for our backs.

The advertisements on TV & print clearly state that these mattresses will help you from "tossing & turning" & help your back. Nothing could be further from the truth. This company should be sued to the depths of ***!

Why make a bed that is a torture rack & then charge a ridiculous amount of money for it. I figured, the more expensive the mattress, the better the quality and that we would not have to buy another one for at least 10, 15 or 20 years (as they claim with their 20 year warantee). Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

I had a herniated disk about 8 years ago, & it took about 1-2 years to not feel anymore pain. Well, guess what. The pain is back, & front and shoulders, & neck--neck, I never had neck pain before this "cloud".

By the way, when did clouds become hard as a ___-ing rock. I have not had 1 solid or decent night sleep since we got this mattress in July; it is now November. We are currently looking for a Posturepedic mattress.

Warning to anyone looking for a mattress-- do not buy a Tempur-pedic or any other "true" memory foam mattress.

Product or Service Mentioned: Tempurpedic Mattress.

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I just called to inquire about my 90 day sleep trial and the customer service representative told me I am not eligible. I have not been able to sleep well the last 30 days and I wake up with a numb hand.

This was never an issue in my old bed.

From what it seems, this company is a scam. I am not able to return the adjustable base, nor the mattress.


There is a 90 day trial period. You should've turned it in and got a different one. I love my Tempur-Pedic mattress and wouldn't change it for ANYTHING!!!


I have had to exchange 3 different Tempurpedic beds out in the last three months because I can not take a hard bed. Therefore I have gone from Regular to Cloud to the new Simplicity Soft.

However what I have leanred, is that Termpurpedic is like the old commerical poking fun at Russians. Where they introduced the Russian woman in Evening Wear -Work Wear - Exersize Wear - and it was the same woman in the SAME old gray nasty dress in each situation. TempurPedic does not make a soft bed period! They are all rock hard and at least with me, they caused more back and hip pain than I started out with.

I am not saying that everyone will dis-like them or have the same experiance like I did, however if you can only sleep and be comfortable on a soft mattress like myself, there is no such thing in the TempurPedic line no matter what name they market it by. I spent $6000 and am basically sleeping on the couch. Yes I tried each one out for hours on the show room floor and each one seemed comfortable.

However once they arrive, they are hard as your driveway and they do not BREAK IN like the sales person said they do. They exchanged me out twice already so I have to say were very fair about trying to help by doing the exchanges, however I find their whole line to be the most uncomfortable bed I could ever imagine.


We bought the cloud last night and my husband and I both switched rooms because our backs were killing us after about 4 hours of restless sleep along with tossing and turning. We bought from a local store and didn't find out their return policy.

I hope they will take this thing back. Way too much money to have pain when you weren't in pain going to bed in the first place.


At anyone who thinks they have a 90 day trial period, this is only if you buy the bed online and have to pay for shipping and a % for returning it. Most people buy from a store and do not have a 90 day trial, it's always the fine print, that and the lies told by the sales people. It is in fact the worst bed as well as an expensive bad investment.


I have a tempurpedic cloud supreme. The op is 100% correct.

The supreme has only 2 inches of soft foam on top of 2 inches of hard foam.

So you will sink through the the soft foam and hit the hard foam below. So truthfully it is not a soft mattress at all.


I have a Cloud Supreme and I LOVE it! I did my homework and tested and tested and tested by laying on them all over town.

I'm no lightweight and I have no problems with dips, heat or anything else. Best $ I've ever spent.


I was just wondering if anybody else has found the foam on top of the mattress coming off in chunks. We took the topper off to wash it twice and found the problem both times.

We have done everything we were told to do but still we have this problem and now my lower back aches like a toothache.

Has anybody tried a good mattress pad to help with the heat of the mattress and the sweating? I am taking medication that makes me have hot flashes.


as for it being hard that is highly unlike unless u keep ur house freezing then it may be because its a TEMPERATURE sensitive material. I have a firmer Tempurpedic & i just use a space heater in my rm at nite (on low) to solve that problem.

& if u rly didn't like it they do have the 90 day trial which u could have used.

Foam beds are not for everyone but Tempurpedic has a higher customer satisfaction rate than apple or lexus


Should be sued? Really?!?!

Good luck with that one. Yes they guarantee it however they do offer you a 90 night in home trial to decide if it is worth it or not. You chose to keep it past the 90 nights. How is this their fault?

You don't like it..fine. But don't bicker about it when you had the opportunity to return it under no obligation.

Live with the decision you made. ***.


I bought the Tempurpedic Cloud Supreme King 70 days ago and I am returning it. I have more muscle aches and lower back pain then before.

I may be unusual to have this compliant but I cannot keep a $3000 mattress just because most other people like it.

It is not great for me so out it goes. We sahll see if there Money Back guarantee is worth its salt.


I have a tempur cloud mattress and love it. The problem I have is I can't find sheets to fit it.

I have the 8 or 9". The set cost $3000. All the sheets I have bought for my mattress are too big or too deep.

Does anyone know where to find sheets that will fit the smaller tempurpedic mattress. Thanks


Don't get deep pocket sheets. Standard sheets will fit it fine.


My husband and I went looked at a tempurpedic cloud yesterday. The price tag on it was $4,000.00.

We tried it out and liked it. I told the salesman what I had read about how hot the mattress gets and he said they had changed the cells in the foam so they wouldn't be so hot. I have concerns about what he said because from what I'm reading about the mattress they have not made any changes to improve heat retention. I am also concerned about how rude the customer service is when people do have a problem.

I am not prepared to shell out 4k and take a risk with a rude customer service department.

I am also not prepared to have "surprises" come up in the warranty that I thought were covered. I will not be buying one of these mattresses based on all the complaints I have read about them on the internet.


Yavin6, I could not disagree more. We just got a Cloud Supreme, (split king, articulated) after checking out all the Tempur Pedics in the store, and it is far and away the best thing we've ever done.

My wife can sleep comfortably and pain-free for the first time in 25 years. We're kicking ourselves for waiting so long.

Worth every penny! No one bed is good for everyone, but this one is sure good for us!


I'm sorry but your "review" reads as if it was written by a drunk, or a ***, or possibly both. This is not an attack on you personally, but on the relevance of your "review". I believe it to be false, or written by a ***.

Why you ask?

a). cloud, hard as a rock...did you not lay on one before purchasing? and the cloud supreme has never before been called hard. its one of the softest that particular company offers, and many complaints arise form people sayings its too soft. Did you leave it in the box and try to sleep on it? That's the only way I can imagine it being called "hard".

b). you've kept the mattress that you "hate" even though the company has a 90 night offer on it...why? so you can go onto an internet chat room and *** about it?