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I have neuropathy very bad in my feet....I paid over $70. for temprapedic slippers.

Before purchasing them I called and spoke to their customer service and of course they informed me that they would be perfect...yea right I had them less then a month and the foam is now flat, no suport what so ever..tried calling and really was blown off.

I've been going through chemo so thats what the neuropathy is from so I cant even use them because their unsafe because the foam is all deformed and no I did not wash them, which I was told I probably did or walked in a puddle. They are the worse slippers I ever had and due to my health problem ive tried many.

Monetary Loss: $70.

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Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #757002

I, too bought these slippers, and they are flat as pancakes. I never thought to return them.

Also, they STINK. My feet actually are worse since wearing them--they tingle and sting and are hot.

I hate them and threw them to the back of the closet. A total waste of money.

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