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Let me just start by saying that before we bought a new mattress we were sleeping on a $500 generic mattress. After hearing all of the hype about the Tempurpedic we went out and got the Tempurpedic Cloud.

Awful. It has been 6 months now and I am a young, healthy, in shape woman and I wake up in pain every single freaking morning. Hip pain, neck pain, back pain, I have it all. Did I have this before?

No! And now apparently nothing can be done. All tempurpedic will tell me is that I need to fill out a warrenty paper, which will result in them maybe replacing the bed. I don't want a replacement, I want my money back.

I spent $2000 on a bed that sleeps worse than the floor. This is ridiculous and I am so furious that I am going to tell everyone I know not to ever buy anything from Tempurpedic.

The bed could kill you and I doubt they would care, somehow it would still be your fault. Shame on me when I thought that buying a $2000 bed would be a good investment.

Product or Service Mentioned: Tempurpedic Mattress.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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I've had a Tempur-backache bed two weeks, had the first one 1 month. Firm at first like I NEED then it's bowl city.

I'm NOT going to pay for this bed. Took me 3 years to get my credit way up there I'll be dammed if I will suffer for it. Bought it from Mattress Firm in Jensen Beach Fl. The man there did seem to be annoyed with my first visit and low and behold they replaced it with supposedly a better much more FIRM it seemed in the store but 1 week later, BOWL city again.

Guess what, the box and seal and sell used mattress's at Mattress Firm ! I looked under this replacement today it did arrive in a box, however it has another so called better mattress material sewn to the bottom of it! I saw this pattern on the more expensive bed. Not to mention I guess the smell is the disinfectant they put/sprayed on it when it was returned from someone else.

( we watched the unload)I called only 4 days after receiving the first one and was told to I had up to 100 days to return or replace it. They will take it back or I will picket this location with a PA system like no other until the police and the media arrive.

I had Titanium installed in my low back in Aug 2012, I NEEDED a good and a firm mattress. Can anyone make any suggestions.


I hate to admit that my husband and I are also foolish. We bought the Tempur-pedic King size about 5 years ago.

My husband had some back pain and thought it would help. Well, it was a fabulous bed for the first two years. Then, it just started to become the most miserable piece of *** I have ever bought.That's right $4000.00 worth of *** is the center of my bedroom's decor. The bed sags on both me and my husband's side.

We literally fight every night over who gets to lay on the centers more firm area. I get up several times every night because I can't sleep due to my legs, hips and back start to hurt. My neck aches all day. I literally dread going to bed at night.

I am exhausted!!! We can not afford to buy another bed. We could barely afford to buy this one. We just bit the bullet and prayed that the company really had a remedy for my husband's back.

Yeah...they had the remedy alright. "Screw him and mess her up too"!!! Would love to return but, that's right...*** thing looks fine when you get off it.

I HATE TEMPUR-PEDIC. If someone ever does get their money back please let me know how....


Hi I also had a horrible experience with Tempurpedic.

The Cloud supreme $3100 twin mattress was so full of a toxic chemical smell i had to return it. After I called to schedule the return, the mattress was picked 2 weeks later.

It has since been another 2 weeks and my credit card has still not been credited. The mattress gave me regular asthma attacks which finally stopped when the mattress was removed from my home. I wish that they would credit my account so that I can buy a new mattress. I have been sleeping on the couch for a month now.

When I called customer service they were not helpful when I explained my situation. My entire experience with this toxic mattress has been very upsetting. This company is going to be sued at some point if they have not already as it seems I am not the first person to have a similar reaction. They say their mattress is hypoallergenic.

This is because it is so toxic even the dust mites don't want to go there. Is this really what you want to rest your head against every night of your life?

@JJ Johns

I received a replacement Rhapsody set three weeks ago since my first one developed a hollow soft area in the middle. Within fifteen minutes of the mattress being in my home, the whole house smelled of chemicals, so much so that I had to close of the bedroom, put three fans on and wait for it to offgas.

I am still waiting three weeks later. I have been on the phone with the company at least eight times, and I have been told that this is "normal" and that I need to wait it out, put on fans, walk or crawl around on it to "open the cells," and wash and dry the cover three times. It has been a nightmare. I made the mistake of sleeping on the bed after four days of airing it, and I woke up with asthma.

I tried cracking the window, but it was very cold so I had to sleep in a sweatsuit, and each morning I had to strip the bed because the odor had permeated all the bedding as well as my clothes. I was told to give it "more time," and that the odor would be stronger because it was shipped directly from the factory and had not offgassed in a retailer's warehouse like my first bed. I am so disgusted with what I am reading on the internet as well as frustrated with the company. Three times I have been promised to be called back and nothing.

I have been waiting for a supervisor's call for several days and I was promised that my case would be addressed withing forty eight hours. Each time I call I get a different reperesentative. Most of them have been very nice, and one even had a similar horror story to share about offgassing of her bed. I am at the point where I just want this thing out of my house, but they just want to send me another replacement.

I thought this bed would a good investment and I believed the hype and trusted their warranty. I have been sleeping on an airbed for three weeks, and I am sick, sick, sick of Tempurpedic, the smell, and the whole experience.


i think i had the bed for about 3 years, not sure, with the lack of a good nights sleep for the past years, has made my memory weak.....i can't believe the pain i am in every morning, my ribs are the worse, my hips hurts, my back hurts, you name it. i have read all the reviews online, so i know the company will not stand by their warranty, also, besides the agony of the bed, i thought the bed was not suppose to sag, well explain why there is a permament imprint of my body on the bed.....and lastly, the smell, when it arrived the smell was so bad, had to open the windows in the room for days, thank god it wasn't winter.

called the store, they said give it a few, it was a chemical smell, still to this day, i think about all the chemicals i am inhaling every night sleeping on this nightmare of a bed, if i was rich i would just go out and buy another bed, but i'm still paying the $3000 i paid for this bed on my credit card. beware buyers.....


We just signed up for purchasing a Tempurpedic Cloud matress on a 3 year loan agreement. After reading your reviews, we are going to cancel the contract asap in the am.

We don't need any extra back and neck pain. Thanks!!


Ive been seing the same issues with my bed. I feel so foolish having fallen for all the marketing.

For the first few months, not a problem. But recently I've been waking up in agony. My Hips, my shoulders, pure agony.

I'm in my mid thirties, in great health and I've never had any issues before.

Ironically, it's the Tempurpedic Rhapsody that's been causing any pain in my life. Such a horrendous waste of money.


Thanks to all for the information on Tempurpedic. I have a bad back and was looking to try a sleep number bed or a Tempurpedic to see if they help relieve some of the morning stiffness. After seeing reviews about horrible problems with both beds, I'll stick with my current bed which is still in great shape and save thousands of dollars now!


Wow, I was thinking about getting a Tempur-Pedic. Now reading the reviews, NO WAY.

First, I can not sleep in a hot bed,if it makes me sweat that would be uncomfortable, Then if I do sweat, mold would grow on the mattress.

Way to many start to loose firmness where you sleep and sag. Thats it, I lost any interest in your mattress.


We bought the Allura eighteen months ago from Mattress Firm and hate it. We both wake up many times during the night and have to get out of bed early because of aching backs, ribs, hips and arms.

We are constantly tired, but do not look forward to going to bed. The sofa is much more comfortable. Worst mattress ever, and you can forget about any understanding or help from Tempupedic or the retailer. This one will be going to Goodwill as soon as its paid off.

Don't get taken in by the Hype! :(


:( There is honestly no solution. We all got screwd out of a large chunk of money. Shame on us for believing in advertising.



My husband and I bought a tempurpedic "rapsody" a little over two years ago. We loved it for the first year now we are both waking up with horrible back pain every morning. I wake up after a couple hours of sleep with hip and back pain and my shoulders are numb. We are a mid-thirties active couple with no previous back injuries and this mattress is killing us. I didn't realize the problem until we started spending weekends at our friends lakehouse. I actually sleep great, 6 to 8 hours, on a $400 mattress and I don't limp out of bed. I am sickened at the thought of the money we have spent, $2500 for a product I cannot bare to sleep on after only 2 years. We have to replace this mattress, any suggestions?


I absolutely love my bed and pillows. Very comfortable to have set completed with pillows. I sleep so good its crazy


I have a tempur-rhapsody pillow (2 in fact) & they cost me almost $400 between the two queen-size pillows. I had a bad wreck in 1994 in which I shattered the windshield.

I had some stiffness in my neck for a year & a half. It went away after frequent chiropractic visits. That was 20 years ago. Suddenly, I'm having horrible headaches when I use my tempur-rhapsody again.

I sleep better w/ a $15 pillow than I do w/ my tempur-rhapsody for $200 (per pillow). It's ridiculous!


I wouldn't recommend one now, I might have when we first had ours, it did do as it said on the tin, for a few years, all seemed ok, but when looking back this isn't the case if you look at most positives, they are under a year old, usually under 6months, then you get the complaints about it being too hard still, or its sagging, then after a while longer youget complaints about the mould.

Well the mattress can't tolerate ANY form of moisture you get told, but you can't stop moisture getting in, after all we all sweat in our beds whether we like to think it or not. Sweat is moisture. moisture basically wreaks the beds ability to mould to your shape and return properly, as will mould. sweat has no were to go when you have one of the solid base bed forms, or put it on the carpet (don't unless you want to replace your mouldy carpet too, I've heard stories about mouldy carpets/floors too now.

wish I have known about the fact this bed wasn't suitable for our condictions, rather than being reassured by them it was and would last 15 years....

if it isn't doing as they advertise, then it is not fit for the purpose, complain and don't tell then fob you off, try all routes first before you give up and i agree I don't want another either, money back, or in my case cause we have had to a few years, money back corrisponding to the years we will not have ben able to use it, up to the length of guarantee. ie if guarantee 20 years and had it 5 then should get 75% back?


We bought the deluxe a year ago. It completely sags and we are now filling out the paperwork for a replacement bed that we do not want.

Our backs hurt every morning, except when we stay at a hotel. Stay away from Tempurpedic.


My husband was having sleep issues and after a several tests and trips to a sleep specialist we bought the Delux bed. We went through the same ***, have filled out the paperwork three times and are now on our fourth mattress because they will not give us a refund.

In the meantime we have extreme back pain every morning. My husband has to soak in hot water before he goes to work.

When I wake up my arms are numb and my hands are swollen. I would never recommend this bed to ANYONE.

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