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We tried this out in the store and selected this model based on a few hours of testing. We got it at home and my wife liked it, I wasn't so sure but it had a trial period so we kept it. During the trial period I traveled a bit and she still liked it. I was just OK with it. I think a big part of it was because we waited too long to replace our old one and anything would have been an improvement. I did have an issue with the “flat” button on the remote that did not seem to work without extreme pressure. The store sent over a technician with a replacement base and remote when their phone troubleshooting couldn’t find a remedy. The new remote had the same problem. I just programmed one of the memory buttons to flat. I discovered the “solution” during the warranty claim you’ll read about below). There is a 5 second delay for the flat button, not for any other button on the remote and it isn’t identified anywhere. Just push the button lightly and hold it for 5 seconds, when the red led lights and the bed starts moving you can release it and the bed will continue to move to the flat position. Something they could think about adding to the technical support sticker on the bottom of the remote.

Since we got it in March (2012) the weather was getting warmer. We like it cool when we sleep so we opened the windows which brought the temperature down in the house. The caused the bed to get hard (very hard). It also caused the mattress to retain body heat significantly longer. It was too hard and too hot for me to sleep on, my wife was OK with the extra heat since she used a heated mattress cover on her side in the winter on our old bed..

At this point we are well past the trial period. I contacted Sleepy's to see what options we had. They directed me to Tempur-Pedic.

Tempur-Pedic had me go through an involved process to submit a warranty claim, even telling me they would replace the mattress with another model because I said it was a comfort issue. Only to deny my claim because it was “a comfort issue, not a warranty claim”.

You should believe all the stories you have heard or read… if heat is even the slightest concern for you the STAY AWAY from a Tempur-Pedic bed. I suspect it is a similar issue with other brands but as this is the only brand I have owned I can’t address the others with any certainty.

Bottom line: BEFORE you buy (or at least BEFORE the trial period ends make sure (ABSOLUTELY sure) you want to keep it because unless your bed is in a showroom window at home it will feel very different than the one in the store, DO NOT wait and expect it to “break in”. It WILL NOT, and they don’t tell you that up front, and they WON’T help you after the trial period. It is a VERY EXPENSIVE MISTAKE.

Product or Service Mentioned: Tempurpedic Mattress.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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Yes.... My ignorance of how to use the remote... But also the ignorance of a few Tempur Pedic customer service reps I spoke with and even the technicians they sent to my home who replaced the entire controller and remote.

And the rhapsody got significantly firmer with the windpws open when the room was cold (45 degrees). When it gets that hard it retains more body heat and for a longer period of time.

So you can say BS all you want but this is my experience with the mattress. If you don't find it helpful or it differrs from yours that's fine but it isn't BS.


I am a Tempur-Pedic owner and I hit the BS button because I think this review is BS. I am not a mattress salesperson, and I do not get paid to promote Tempur-Pedic, however as a Tempur-Pedic owner, you could not be further from the truth.

I do not own the movable base, but it sounds like you are blaming Tempur-Pedic for your own ignorance of how the remote control works. Your review is also BS because you said the mattress gets warmer when you make your house cooler when opening the windows. I just don't see how that is possible.

I must admit, the mattress does get slightly more firm when it is cooler, but its barely noticeable. I guess that is what makes these beds different than all the rest; if Tempur-Pedic felt like every other mattress (which it doesn't) then why spend the extra money on it?!?


not sure why there are so many "BS" ratings here... they do not believe what the reviewers said or what, leave your comments.


I suspect that all the "BS" ratings are from Tempur-Pedic salespeople since there were no specific challenges to the accuracy of the review.

On top of that the salesman I dealt with told me they paid about $900 for the mattress they sold me for $3200 so I suspect there is a big commission there and they don't want to loose the cash cow. :eek

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