I bought a top of the line Tempurpedic for all of its "benefits" for spinal support. I have NEVER BEEN in so much pain.

I am a side sleeper and BOTH of my shoulders DISLOCATE at night with this bed!! Additionally, I have developed both "golfers elbow" and "tennis elbow" in BOTH of my elbows. I literally cannot use my arms without excruciating pain. I have had multiple cortisone shots in my elbows and will probably need surgery on my shoulders to fix the damage.

I cannot afford to replace this mattress set!

I cannot BELIEVE this is the result of a mattress that is supposed to be so good for your spine! If there are a lot of us, we ought to file a Class Action Law Suit against this company.

Product or Service Mentioned: Tempurpedic Mattress.

Monetary Loss: $4000.

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I agree. This bed *** sucks.

I wake up and can't feel my arms or hands The pain in my elbows is off the charts.. This is absolutely crazy. I feel like I have permanent damage. Almost $5k spent and am absolutely miserable.

Not to mention the overall body pain. I have resorted to the couch. Now I have to figure out what to do with this giant peice of ***!!! I am livid.

I want to get involved with any lawsuit out there.

This is at the very least fraud and quite possibly a more severe crime by knowingly causing physical damage to perfectly normal people with no pre existing ailments.. I want my money back and pain and suffering from the time this bed came into my life....horrible!!


Bought "The CelebrityBed" Tempur-Pedic Mattress in 9/99 and it has been a pain. Tried to take back,but they would only let me trade down with another Matt.I went back to store 3 days after I bought it,and was told it needed to break in.

I bought this mattress for, I am disabled with my back, plus it is beginning to sag where I sleep and also where my wife sleeps. Going to try to use the warranty and hope that works. This Mattress is killing my shoulders,arms and back.I sleep on my side and can not sleep on my back.

This might be a good Mattress if you could only sleep on your back. :sigh




I am disabled and was suckered into the adjustable Tempurpedic.

The adjustable went out after 1 year and the motor needed replacing and now my wife and I both get the worse back pain from these so called GREAT mattresses. I cant sleep more than 6 hours without being woke up with pain that wraps all around my body from this mattress.

I know its the mattress we traded from using the most comfortable latex mattresses in the world to these Tempurpedic things that were all talked up.

My wife gets the same pain from it. I'll wake up at times and find her asleep on the couch due to teh pain Tempurpedic causes.