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Shame on us for not doing our homework. I should have read the reviews before investing such a large sum of money into a mattress...but we wanted (& deserve!) the best!

Although it does take awhile to get used to this 'different' kind of mattress, we have had it over a year and I'm not even close. So I am assuming I will never adjust to its uniqueness. This mattress makes my hips hurt like heck and I do believe I can cook a 3 course meal under the covers. This bed runs extremely hot and the heat makes you whoosh the covers on & off at least 100 times a night( hot then cold then hot then cold...well you get the idea) which of course leads to: you got it....No sleep.

I actually dread going to sleep on this mattress at night so it is going to another home to make its new owner pretty unhappy..in the meantime we are going to purchase a lot less $$$ inner spring mattress. Ahhhh..just like the good ole' days.

Progress doesn't always mean comfort, joy & happiness. Careful what you wish for.....

Product or Service Mentioned: Tempurpedic Mattress.

Monetary Loss: $3000.

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We have had our tempurpedic about 7-8 yrs. we have had no problems with it, solved hip and back pain, which was the main reason we bought it, however this year the mattress is killing us at nite, so hot,hot,hot.

We can't sleep, I bought a cool pillow to see if it would help, but did not. I have gone back to the store I purchased the mattress from,and they responded like they have never heard of this problem before, I know many people have complained of this problem and would think tempurpedic would have come up with something. The store informed me that they have a new mattress that has a sealer so would not be hot, but nothing for the older mattresses, hopefully these mattresses should last longer than 7-8 yrs.

the store told me to go to Bed Bath and Beyond to see if they have something to cover a mattress.

Very helpful. Hopefully summer will be over soon.

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