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Below is our complaint to the owner Craig Carpenter of a medium size local Southern California mattress chain called Orange County Mattress-- you are NOT alone. I do not understand why no one has filed a class action suit against Tempurpedic. How can they continue to get away with compliant after complaint about the exact same issue?

Craig, your customer service SUCKS with a capitol "S". Let me explain to you and your viewers of You Tube and other social media outlets what happened. My partner and I purchased a new Tempurpedic Mattress for $2700.00 in July 2012. These mattresses carry a manufactures warranty of 20 years. This month, January 2016, we purchased a new bedroom set and had to remove the mattress from the wooden side rail frame it had been placed on. To our horror, we discovered the entire downside of the mattress was covered in a blackish, yellow mold that had spread all of over. We are clean freaks, do not have children and do not let our dog on the bed. We immediately got online and searched under "mold Tempurpedic mattress". We discovered that hundreds of complaints had been filed or logged with this exact same issue. We then called, Phil the manager of the Naples store letting him know what had happened. We also filed an online claim with Temperpedic by submitting all of the required photos, purchase receipts , etc. the same day. They advised us it would take them 3-5 business days to review the claim and IF and only IF THEY decided this was not a defect they would provide us with a new exact Tempurpedic replacement. At that point we did not want another Temperpedic mattress. When you lose trust in a brand name product that endangers your health in a potentially deadly way, why in the world would we want another mattress by the same brand? Additionally, we placed the mattress in our garage since we did not want this unhealthy toxic moldy item in our bedroom one more minute. Upon arrival at the Naples location, Phil the manager told us this was a manufactures problem and that he could not do anything except sell us another mattress. Your kidding right? We were FURIOUS to say the least since we had no other place to sleep in our small home but a single couch. We demanded that he call YOU the owner and he said he could not do that. We demanded to speak to a supervisor/district manager/ VP anyone who could give us an exchange mattress so we would not be without one. for a week or longer-- Nope couldn't do anything. Your company policies SUCK. YOU, the distributor and seller of a DEFECTIVE and EXPENSIVE product under a warranty need to take full responsibility and empower your impotent management staff to take care of emergency customer situations like this one. We were so disgusted by the lack of customer response at Orange County Mattress, other than, ...Quote-- '"Its a Tempuredic Issue and since you've filed the claim you'll have to wait.." We went over to Sit N Sleep on PCH in Long Beach and purchased a new NON Tempurpedic mattress. We explained what had happened to us and the sales manager how they would have handled this exact situation-- here is what your competition said:

1. We would have immediately honored the warranty in-house and replaced the mattress.

2. We would have then called and settled the issue with Tempurpedic assuming a claim had been filed ( which we had done)

WOW-- what the *** is wrong with this picture? Tell me how your direct competitor can do this but your *** chain cannot? I challenge you to be honest and direct and transparent with your response. The lack of customer service and accountability on behalf of your chain and employee manager has done the following:

1. You will lose us as customers forever. We have spent thousands of dollars in your store.

2. We will tell absolutely everyone we know on social media, twitter, Facebook, parties, networking events, BBB sites, consumer reports sites, at work, friends, neighbors, Yelp, and anyone who has or is thinking about purchasing a Tempurpedic mattress-- we will especially stress not to purchase it from your store.

3. We will go on Yelp to the direct competitor site ( Sit N Sleep) and specifically discuss our purchase experience with the readers.

4. This will cost your chain much, much, much more than had your policies been in place to handle a dangerous mold issue from a defective mattress and done the right thing.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

Monetary Loss: $2700.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

TempurPedic Cons: Lack of customer service, Miserable, Warranty issue.

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I have the same issue. I am so frustrated.

They are "reviewing" whether I should get a 2nd replacement mattress (the first one was replaced 2 years ago because of MOLD as well!) I don't want their disgusting mattress. I want them to come pick this one up and pay for the replacement of same value from the company of my choosing.

Note: I have absolutely no mold on any other mattresses in this house. Just TempurPedic...


I do not own one of these matresses, and feel for you. How does this happen?

How do these mattresses get damp and grow mold?

I normal bed doesn't do this. Hire yourself a good lawyer.


I bought a $ 2700 temperpedic matress too April 2010. My husband and I decided to do some fall cleaning this weekend we started in our bedroom.

We took out "protective" cover off to wash it. The smell was just awful. We discovered yellow, white, grey and blackish mold under the matress also in the boxspring. Down right disguested with this product.

How are they getting away with this!

We immediately took the matress and boxspring outside and went to a different store and purchased a new mattress. I will tell everyone I know.


We had a dent in the mattress. Wanted it replaced.

Flipped it to take a picture of the warranty tag, and it was covered in mold, much worse than your picture.

This could be the reason for a host of problems. We are in the process to see if they are going to replace it.


As a completely disinterested party that happened upon this review let me share some insight. It is super easy for the competitor to say whatever they want to after the fact.

They are not actually faced with the situation nor having to call Tempur-Pedic to try to warranty the bed. I can tell you for a fact that Tempur-Pedic does not allow the retailer to return the product under warranty, and deal with them directly. They have a strict policy that all warranty complaints go directly to them.

The level of inconsistency with varying dealers across the nation is to great. I do agree Tempur-Pedic should step up to the plate and resolve your problem but it simply is not fair to blame the dealer for something that is out of their control.


My thoughts exactly. What one says can be complete opposite to what one does when actually in the situation.

Its easy to be a spectator and talk about what he or she may have done if faced with the same situation. It appears to me that the opposition company saw you coming a mile away and capitalized on your grief just to get a sale.