My new Tempur-Pedic Classic is...***. I don't know how well it sleeps because I've had the mattress in my house unwrapped, "airing out" for 28 days and I've never slept on it. I and my pregnant wife have been sleeping on our pull-out couch for a month now because we bought a noxious gas mat for $1,783.95. We have compressed the mattress to try to get the smell out. We have vacuumed it to try to get the smell out. I have had the window open daily for weeks, in the state of Maine, at the end of November and through the first half of December, with freezing temperatures outside to no avail. My wife still won't go into our bedroom without quickly covering her nose upon entering the room.

I can't believe any company would state as part of their sales pitch and marketing material that the smell of their mattress "will dissipate within a few days" when the reality of the product is completely different. Please notice that the word "few" is undefinable and could mean 3 days or 50 depending on your perspective of time. Also, take note of the word "dissipate." I will testify that the smell will "dissipate" and lessen. This much is true. The statement, however, is meant to influence the consumer into inferring that the smell will dissipate until it is either not noticeable or gone completely. I can make no other conclusion other than that the statement made on the FAQ page of Tempur-Pedic's website "Your mattress may have a slight odor remaining from our unique manufacturing process. This is normal and completely harmless and will dissipate within a few days." is misleading. It is a grand example of Stephen Cobert's term: "truthiness." Nowhere in the marketing literature does it say that the smell will "go away" or "fully air out." In fact, as it stands now, the evidence shows that the smell never goes away. It will always have a smell that I liken to the smell of mold or mildew.

So far, 28 days into owning the Tempur-Pedic Classic, the most expensive piece of furniture I've ever bought, and not to mention that I bought it so that I might bring comfort to my pregnant wife (this will the first child for both of us), I am completely unsatisfied and would never recommend this product to anyone. Do not buy this product. You will regret it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Tempurpedic Mattress.

Location: Old Town, Maine

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I have experienced the same thing. It is now 2017 and this company has done nothing to fix the issue of perpetual offgassing. Very upsetting considering we spent $5000 on our bed.


I purchased a temperpedic mattress, had it airing out uncovered in a warehouse for 5 months, thought the smell was gone, had it delivered and it still smelled. I jumped on it everyday, took off the sheets and washed them multiple times, including the one that you have to unzipper, and the smell was still there weeks later, though not nearly as strong as before.

Unfortunately i still had trouble breathing while laying on it and so returned it. In is unfortunate because the mattress is the most comfortable one I've slept on and would 100% buy a non-toxic version of it if one existed.

Though the mattress is comfortable for my back, it makes me feel uncomfortable how seemingly toxic and bad for my health the mattress is. Currently there is a class action lawsuit against the company in regards to resulting health issues from the mattresses.


I am going on my 3rd tempur pedic mattress. The first two were awesome but one had to be replaced because of a dip.

They replaced it for free. The only problem is the new one smells terrible and it's been a month and stinks to high heaven. I'm worried it's not going away and it such a toxic smell.

Ugh :/. My other two did not have this problem at all.


Why is it that "temper"-pedic knows it stinks and doesn't give a rip. You have to really search for these sites to post comments. Tempor-pedic will not publish your review out of shame.


we just got our tempur-pedic mattress and yes, it smells so strong like a chemical.

had i smelled it in the store I would have NEVER BOUGHT IT.

OMG, we opened all the windows and doors.

We UNZIPPED the cover in hopes of airing it out .

It's been couple hours and we are thinking of renting a hotel room.

SHAME ON YOU TERMPURPEDIC for NOT DISCLOSING this right up front to the customers. I CAN'T BREATH


I have experienced the same thing.


My first temperpedic pillow didn't smell like this. The new material is horrible. I can not sleep on it.


My daughter has asthma she can't sleep in her room its smells like mold sue to new temperpedic mattress. I've tried air out room its freezing in there .

I think I'm going to return it .

Only had for 7 days .. Not very happy .


I wish I would have seen these comments about the smell before I bought this mattress. Same problem.

It has affected my lungs significantly. If smell doesn't dissipate in thirty days I will ask retailer to exchange (no refund policy) for a regular mattress. So I am sleeping on the couch while the smell goes away or 30 days elapse.

Like other commenters, one of the worst decisions I have made, not to mention the cost of the bed. They will not have a cheerleader from me ever!


Mildew, mildew, mildew! My boyfriend has the mattress already.

I do not know how long he's had it, but I know its YEARS old. EXTREMELY comfortable, and absolutely no oder what so ever. I figured since the bed was so comfortable, when he offered to buy me a neck pillow, why not go with the same brand...I have the nose of a hound dog, and as soon as I opened the package WOH!!!!! The smell of mold and mildew permeated my nostrils to no end.

I tried sleeping on it a couple of nights and I would wake with my hair smelling like it. All of my other pillows and pillow cases smell of it as well. I had it on the floor last night and he asked me why, but I didnt have enough nerve to tell him that it stinks, as he'd probably think I was nit-picking or complaining lol. I am going to try throwing it in the dryer on the NO heat temp string and let the air pass through it a few times.

I do not want to give up on it because it is quite comfortable.

I wanna say, "I won't hold my breath" but in this case...I AM!!! lol


Same experience. Told the local retailer to come pick it up and give me a refund, which they did.

Why doesn't Tempur-pedic let these things air out at their factory and then wrap and sell them? Might make for happier customers.


Our tempurpedic cloud has been airing out for 5 months now and it still smells. I haven't slept in the bed or used the room where the mattress is because I'm pregnant and I'm afraid of the chemicals.

The whole room smells because of the offgassing. We leave the windows and balcony door open very often and it helps with the smell but once we close them, the room stinks again.

So I haven't been able to use my bed or my room for five months now and counting. How much longer will it take for the mattress to stop offgasing?The salesman knew I was pregnant and gave no warning that this would happen.


I've had my cloud supreme mattress for over a month and it has taken hours and hours of time reducing the order. You have to completely open the mattress (remove the cover to expose the layers of foam).

I used baking soda and active charcoal to absorb the odor and two fans blowing at it for 8 hours.

It has reduced the order significantly, but still retains a slight odor. I wish read more about chemical beds and I probably would have chosen natural or organic mattresses.


Get it out of your room now! Mine got worse and has now been out of the house for three weeks and I still cannot get the smell out if the room.


I feel your pain, I'm on my 2nd Rhapsody mattress, and it smells so bad its made me feel like I have the flu! But when I leave my house for a few hours my symptoms go away, so I know its my bed causing it, there is nothing new in my house but this cursed mattress!

Worse purchase ever! :(


Thanks so much for saving me from buying a Temper-peduc mattress and wasting $4000 +_! I bought a Temper-pedic pillow from Bed Bath and Beyond and had to return it after trying to get rid of the toxix smell for over a month.

Their website suggestions for doing this don'T work!

I thought maybe that pillow was just defective but after reading the negative reviews on this site, I'sure glad I did more research. Thanks Again for your posting!


Completely agree! And what *** me off the most is that the sales person mentioned nothing about the odor when we bought the mattress. Had I known there is the strong chemical odor and there is the period of off-gassing, I wouldn't have bought it.

I'm also angry with the website of Tempurpedic dismissing the odor as "slight" and "will dissipate within a few days". These are just out-right lies. The odor is NOT slight, and it does NOT dissipate within a few days.

We consumers should unite together and file a class action law suit against Tempurpedic for the mental and physical harm, and time loss dealing with the hassle, done by the false advertisement of Tempurpedic.






Our Allure Temper-pedic mattress arrived today, we paid $4,299.00. With this we hope to have restful nights.

We do have the smell and in January, the bedroom windows are open, hoping this will help.

With what I have read, I'm hopeful that the smell will go away and that these fumes aren't found to be toxic someday down the road.


Don't count on it! My first one made me sick for 5+ months, so they replaced it and now its WORSE and I'm sicker than ever from it!

I live in a small apartment so there is no way to get away from the odor other than to leave. I get head aches, stuffy nose, sore throat, ear aches, runny nose, sneezing, coughing, asthma attacks, this bed is toxic!

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