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TempurPedic in New York, New York - Agonizing sleep experience

I'm a dancer. In my 58 years on the planet I never had a backache -- until I bought a Tempurpedic mattress. Now I wake up in excruciating pain every morning. My blood pressure has spiked because of sleeplessness, and I have headaches. I bought the mattress set at Sleepy's and the salesman promised I had 90 days to change my mind. I've slept on it only for a week, but I can't take much more of this torture. Back the garbage goes! It's sad how hype and a sky-high price can persuade consumers that something smelly and painful is actually "better" than what has been working for them for years. I feel totally hoodwinked. And I can barely walk, which for a dancer is a pretty unpleasant condition to be in.
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Take it from someone who had the same problem with our mattresses. Get yourself a sleep number bed, we have and will never go back to regular beds again. :grin

@Great back

YA... Lets talk about sleep number!!

LOL... you think thats a good bed?!?! Good luck with your egg crate foam and having the idiots bring you 3 boxes and making you put it together. And talk about guarantees..

30 DAYS!! Mold issues... a pump that sounds like a freakin leaf blower... and the worst foams on the market.

Maybe your delusional and didnt realize Tempur-Choice beds have more settings than sleep number and have a proven foam thats been in circulation for over 30 years. But no...

your right... get a pathetic Sleep Number!!



I have not been the same since they replaced my bed with an alleged new one after the first one was determined to be faulty. My whole body aches when I wake up.

The company says that the 90 day return policy for a replacement bed does not apply and that they will not replace the bed for comfort reasons. I feel totally ripped off!!!

Even though my first bed was faulty, it was 100X more comfortable that this "new" bed - a Tempurpedic Weightless supreme. If even paid extra to upgrade to that piece of ish!!!


GOOD TO KNOW. Hopefully they take it back!!

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Tempurpedic Mattress


We bought this mattress at Raymour & Flanagan's on 14th st., nyc. A king sized, and after we slept on it for a period of about 2 months my husband and I who are both athletic people, were both having shoulder and back pain, that we never had before. The mattress did not yield; it's like sleeping on concrete. We contacted Raymour's and Tempurpedic and because it was past the 30 days, they could care less. Though we paid almost $5000.00 (adjustable beds, remote control) this Xmas, we're going to treat ourselves by donating the bed to the salvation army and buying a Sealy Beautyrest.
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Tempurpedic Bed
Bought a tempur-pedic cloud mattress 4 weeks ago. Today it left on the truck that brought a mattress which is not programmed to end my life. When it 1st arrived it smelled of plastic and pesticide. I suppose that's what polyurethane is in some form. I was told by...
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What made you sick are the cancer causing VOC's and formaldehyde that they deny are in the mattress.

But the lab results do not lie, I've seen them, and that's what is in these toxic waste dump mattresses.

Buying one is a mistake I'm paying for with my health.

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