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We coughed up the $2500 for a mid range tempurpedic mattress, hoping it would solve our back problems as advertised. Many people love theirs so we thought we'd be okay.

Not so. They will take the mattress back for exchange if you return it before 90 days, but it took us about four months to realize that it was hurting us. When my under-50 husband started rolling out of bed groaning every morning, we realized the bed was damaging us. Your butt sinks further than the rest of you by just enough to put strain on your lower back.

It was agony. We took a huge bath on the thing and had to pretty much give it away. It's one of the most expensive mistakes we've ever made. Replaced it with a Original Mattress Factory ordinary firm and we've been much happier and getting out of bed for years now without the pain and groaning.

We can NOT recommend the tempurpedic mattress in anyway, though we will recommend the memory foam bed pad for those who have pressure point issues with their current mattress. Those give you just enough padding to cushion without contorting your body out of whack.

Skip the Tempurpedic unless you've slept on a friend's for many many weeks. It's cumulative damage and hard to see coming by just a ten minute try out in the store.

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I have had this mattress a little over four months and I toss and turn all night.I wake up with pain in my hips,shoulders and back and feel like a zombie.I haven't had a decent nights sleep since I bought this and I can't afford another,so I am stuck with this piece of

s#@t.Bye Bye Bundle-Hello sleepless nights!


We bought the Tempurpedic Rhapsody thinking it was a good investment, and would take care of my lower back pain caused by our aged 'pillow top' which also developed the 'valley of dispair' over the years. With the Tempurpedic, my butt sank down too, and constantly experienced the lower back pain.

How can this be after everything you read about proper spine alignment, bla, bla bla with Tempurpedic?!? After traveling on business and sleeping on a real hotel mattress without any pain, I decided to return the Tempurpedic. Fortunately we dealt with Mattress Firm here in North Texas, and they offer the guarantee for a return within 1 year if not satisfied. It only took 60 days to realize we made a very expensive and painful mistake.

Glad we were able to exchange it for a 'normal' mattress. Foam mattresses may work fine for some people but not for us.

If you do buy, be sure to deal with a reputable dealer directly that will have their own return policy. This turned out to be a not so expensive mistake thanks to Mattress Firm.


I had the same problem, piece of ***!


i am 5 wks on a tempur now. it has caused sleepness nights because i wake up with my lower back locked in pain in *** in the mattress.getting more and more pain and tiedness.

i went back to the retailer who offered 70% back as a credit note to spend in there store i have refused as i want all my money back.

i have since been to the doctors he prescribed pain killers, sleeping, sick note and physio.i presented this to the retailer they no want to get it inspected. i am now on the sofa and would tell everyone NEVER EVER BUY A TEMPUR ITS A HEAP OF *** please advise if you can help i need it

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