Jefferson City, Missouri
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I'm very unhappy with my is so uncomfortable and hot.

I spent 3000 grand on a bed that we should use

As a devise for torture.every morning I wake up I am lower back hurts so bad that I can't

Finish my business on the toilet without stretching

Out first.This should be illegal to charge this much

For a hunk of junk.ask those who know like the

Commercial says and I say buy an air matress or

Sleep on the sidewalk.u will be better off.

An unhappy customer,

Michael k.

Product or Service Mentioned: Tempurpedic Bed.

Monetary Loss: $3000.

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I recently purchased a cloud and cannot wait to return my $2000 false promise. My lower back has hurt since the first night and sleep has been hard to come by.

The salesman wants to keep pushing "its the temp. of my room and Im adjusting." I know the difference between hot and pain and this bed is the worst thing Ive ever laid upon!

New marketing ad--Get your best night's sleep MAYBE in 30 days. Back to good old spring mattresses for me!!


I have had sciatic pain down my leg for years from a pinched nerve in my back. In my wildest dreams I would never have bought such an expensive bed but since it is supposed to be the best I found a way.

Now I really know what back pain really is.

I was told you need time to adjust to the bed but it has been a long time and each day seems worse than the last. If you purchase this bed and are not satisfied after 2 months - return it!


Tempur must be spending all, for their advertisement but nothing for their product.We spent also 5000 for this real junk.If you look inside the mattress you can see there is nothing there to cost so much.This company is just fooling people I didnt loose confidance only in this company, i cant even buy anymore any produch which are Sweden!


After writing a very thourgh discription of what we went through, and entering the code, it deleted what I'd written and say's wrong code entered. My rear!Demand your money back!

You'll get it if you're tenacious enough.

I did after 3 years of back and forth and replacement mattress. JUNK!


:cry :cry :cry :cry


Love the mattress but HATE waking up all during the night sweating.The mattress has NO airflow


Fortunately, I bought my tempurpedic from a store with an excellent return policy. I am on my 3rd trial mattress.

The Cloud caused lower back pain every morning. The Rhapsody was as hard as rock and my whole body hurt every morning. The Deluxe now causes a variety of pain (neck, shoulders, hips, mostly lower back). It's something different every mornng.

It will be returned also. I am 60 years old, not overweight, in excellent health. I have had some very slight lower back pain, periodically, over the years like most people. These beds amplify it such that I am aware of it every morning.

I wake stiff and in pain. I sleep better on the old mattress in the spare bedroom. My husband, on the other hand, has liked each of the mattresses, but he also slept just fine on our 12 year old spring mattress.

Bottom line, the advertisements are just hype. Everyone reacts differently to the Tempurpedic, so do not buy it unless from a reputable store with a full refund policy.


Dan and Kim,

Erm...There is no "firm side" of a Tempur Pedic. They are a one-sided sleeping surface just like any other mattress made today.

It's not surprising you're rolling; it's not made to be slept on. In fact I believe there's a sticker on the backside of every Tempur Pedic that says "NOT A SLEEPING SURFACE" lol.


the cloud has been great for a month or so. but now we relize we both wake up with our lower backs in pain every morning.

We had to turn our mattress over to the firm side, and I seem to roll towards my wife to a valley. this sucks...

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