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The Sheet Idiots! I can not believe my generation has raised such idiots!

I have spent all day trying to buy sheets to fit my bed. I have a tempurpedic bed which is approximately 12 in thick. The sheet industry has decided to only sell the sheets that fit a pillow top mattress! Be Dam them!

The sales person tried to convince me that the sheet could be tucked to look like it fits.!

I I have spent considerable monies for the fines mattress out there only be told this? hate for people to know I have helped raise a generation of idiots!

Product or Service Mentioned: Tempurpedic Mattress.

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We know what you're upset about but we are also trying to help...reducing your stress level.

Oswego, Illinois, United States #1067463

King size for our queen size is what worked for us.


WalMart sheets fit perfectly and the more you wash them the more comfy they get


Kids!! You are not reading what I am saying. I am not upset with Tempurpedic, I am upset with the Sheet industry!


It's terrible for sex. Trust me, I've been on my back on viaurtlly every mattress created, and tempur-pedic is NOT for sex.

There's no give and rather than sinking into the mattress naturally, you feel stuffed into the fabric on the bed.

And for the partner on top, your knees are glued in position and end up chaffing quickly. Tempurpedic feels great when you sleep, but it's not the place for a romp under the blankets.References :


Do you really believe all of us that have Tempurpedic mattresses do not have sheets that fit? Excuse me, but perhaps you're the ***......


My tempurpedic mattress tends to get very hot. I found some temperature regulating sheets that fit 12" mattresses at

Hope that helps. ;)

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