Wabasha, Minnesota
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In May 2012 we purchased a Tempur - Pedic Cloud king size bed. It was delivered the middle of June.

We were warned about a possible odor, and told how to deal with it by the store employee. Nothing could have prepared us. The odor was so bad it made it hard to breath, even with the window open and a fan blowing on me. The bed is comfortable to sleep on though.

I started having swelling and pain in my feet and ankles toward the end of June, but didn't even consider the bed as a culprit. The pain and swelling spread to my knees, elbows, wrists, back, muscles, and right big toe .I am having headaches, occasional dizziness, and my sinuses problems worsened, my hair is falling out, and I am beyond tired and have no strength. The pain had become so bad I finally went to a Doctor. Blood work showed a strong positive ANA result or in other words a connective tissue disease, I was referred to a Rheumatologist.

I now am taking a strong pain med and a med for possible Lupus. I sleep 12 hrs a day. I couldn't get to sleep a few days ago because of the pain, so I thought I would look on the internet and see if anyone else was having problems getting used to the bed. Low and behold I came across Chem-toxe's web site.

The bed is most likely what is causing my illness, and MANY people are affected. These types of beds are toxic to some people. They cause a variety of health problems. I took a partial copy of the websites postings to the store we bought the bed at and of course they defended the bed to the max.

They asked me what I wanted them to do and I said I just wanted to inform them of the widespread health issue problems and that I knew they could do nothing about my bed because we were beyond the 120 day return policy. They were supposed to discuss my situation with the head manager and get back to me, but to this point I have heard nothing back.

Tempur, memory foam beds and bed toppers are very chemically harmful to people with allergies or poor immune systems. BEWARE!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Tempurpedic Bed.

Monetary Loss: $3666.

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Its probably the toxic VOC's like formaldehyde that made you sick.

This company is positively criminal for lying and not telling consumers the POISON they make these beds out of!


I am experiencing a really bad reaction to the bed, I thought I had the flu, I've been sick since it was delivered. I called my doctor and by the time I got to my doctors office an hour away most of my flu like symptoms were gone.

It was then I realized that the bed is the culprit. I've been sick since it was delivered, and every time I go out I feel fine with in 2 hours.

I hate this bed, and would not suggest anyone get one, there are dangerous chemicals in them! :(