Richmond, Virginia

We needed a new mattress as our old queen size mattress was 10 years old. We 'heard' that Tempurpedic was the way to go and that people loved it.

We spend nearly 5K to buy it last November. It's now more than 8 months later and my husband and I have horrible joint stiffness every morning. I am sweating constantly and am less comfortable on this bed now than I was on my old mattress, even while pregnant.

We are so disappointed. Not sure what our options are, but I'm sick over having spent so much money on this mattress.

Product or Service Mentioned: Tempurpedic Mattress.

Monetary Loss: $4500.

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I have had my temperpedic queen size for years....have had the same experience with joint pain and over heating. The ONLY thing that saved me was an expensive thick feathered bed pad. Shouldn't have to do that after spending so much for the temperpedic mattress.


I am in same boat!!! Not sure on your age, but I am late 40's, so Ive wondered at times i going thru menopause as I have terrible sweats on this bed at night.

It wakes me up with many a times my side of bed soaked! I also wake with terrible joint paint. Im stiff as *** but especially my right should & neck. Im in pain so much & Ive never had anything like this til we bought this bed!!!!

We bought the Ergo King sized Cloud Luxe Supreme...we DID get a good deal as the salesperson gave us their discount, but told us we would only get one return of the bed during the 90 days & it would have to be for the same kind of bed anyways. My father passed away THE DAY our bed was needless to say, in the next 90 days i was mourning, as well as taking care of many things besides thinking of my bed!


Which model did you purchase? Also, what do you have for a mattress pad/cover?