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We bought a Temperedic Cloud Supreme when I was pregnant with my son last year..About a month after we bought it I hated it.....I tried to call the store that we bought it at and they told us it was over the 30 day trial period....I decided to suck it up since it could be the pregnancy that was causing me issues......About two months ago my lower back started to really hurt....We spent so much money on the mattress that I cannot justify buying another one right now...I am now sleeping in my 4 year olds twin bed..

Product or Service Mentioned: Tempurpedic Mattress.

Monetary Loss: $2600.

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funny! sounds like you should buy from the mattress dealer.

not the pawn shop!!

are you kidding!! 90 days !!!!!


The 20 year warranty will have nothing to do with the personal discomfort of the mattress. Contact Tempurpedic directly because there is a 90 day sleep trial offered through the factory unless you purchased a floor model.


Just read my post. Have no idea why it says I\'m from Burlington, NJ.

Never even heard of that town. I\'m in Phoenix, despite what it says.


Hey, I'd consider buying your mattress if you have no use for it & don't like it. I've tried that's great but out of my price range (new, anyway).

Problem is...I live in Phoenix, so shipping would be a factor in how much I could offer you. But if you have only had it for four or five months now, I'm at least interested in discussing the logistics of it. I don't know if we can post personal e-mail information here. I'll post what is my "junk mail" address, in case other parties are looking to spam me.

I check (and clear) it every few days, so I may not reply instantly. It's and my name is Frank.

And YES, that really is an e-mail account that I use for junk mails, hence the name choice. But my offer is serious.


We previously owned a TP Rhapsody but it was too firm for me. We retired it to the guest room and purchased a split king Cloud.

It is without exception, the best be I have had. Sorry to hear it hasn't worked for some folks.


I would check a couple of things. Make sure your foundation is solid on top and not malfunctioning and also to make sure it's on a stable platform.

Also one of the biggest mistakes people make is putting some sort of cover over the mattress. If you put anything on the bed other then standard sheets (i.e. a heating pad, mattress pad)it will affect the temperature sensitivity of the mattress and not do it's job properly.

I would definitely follow up with tempur-pedic though because the trial period isn't 30 days it's 90. Good luck.

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Did you try calling Tempur-Pedic to file a warranty ... I would suggest that ... it does have a 20 yr warranty ...

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