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The Title says it all...

I bought the $3400 matress.This has been the worse matress I have owned.

The matress started developing large holes where I would sleep and would not and has not "bounced back" to normal as the commercial makes it seem the matress would. I called TorturePedic and they wanted me to lay my King matress on the floor, of which I had no room for in my 800 sq.ft apartment, and then lay a stick across the matress and take a picture of the sagging matress. This was to prove to TP that the bed was sagging and our bodies were creating sagging in the matress. I guess the purpose was so they could see the saggyness of the matress.

I could never move the matress, it was too *** heavy! and why would they want the matress on the floor I don't sleep with it on the floor!

I never had a back problem until I bought this *** matress...Beware!!!!

Review about: Tempurpedic Bed.


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Dear GOD, it's not just me. I think two things are occurring:

1. What you lay on and 'test drive' in the showroom is NOT what they deliver.

2. The government is using Tempurpedic as front to test torture devices.

We've had ours one night and I feel like I was abducted by aliens and severely beaten. Never been in so much pain!


Slept on a TP mattress at a motel in California about 8 yeas ago. Needed to replace an older "regular" matress, so we shopped Jordan's Furniture, ended up buying a king size pillow top TempurPedic.

Gotten better sleep on this mattress than on any other. It runs a bit warm in the we sleep with a sheet, nothing else. D'oh.

No smells after the first couple of days. No other issues with the mattress. 8 years, no sagging. I build a full platform for this mattress -- well supported, just like sleeping with it on the floor (which we did while I was building the platform).

My guess is that most people who are having sagging problems don't have a platform that properly supports the mattress.


Well, let me put my two cents in.Its ridiculous and rude to assume someone is less intelligent than you, or to assume they must have installed something wrong or they bought it off a "truck" Good for you that your Tempurpedic is working get back to me in 5 years!

We purchased ours from a leading mattress retailer in 2007. At first we too LOVED it and raved about it. Now each passing month the sagging gets worse as does our backaches. Yes it has the correct support, mattress cover and everything.

No we are not abnormally large and causing the damage ourselves.We had it inspected by the store we purchased it from and they sent the claim to Tempur.Tempur rejected our claim and says "all Tempur mattresses will conform to bodies its normal" Ours is sagging in several spots. As well the sales pitch claimed it would not sag as other mattresses do and would last 20 years.

Also found out if they will replace it we will have to pay the shipping on the monstrous thing.Should have bought a cheaper mattress and expected to replace it more often


May Tempurpedic is a total waste of money.It has assumed a bathtub shape-killing my spine from neck to tailbone.



Had mine since 2009, it is a top three best purchase of my life.Smell comes with all, but goes away in about 48 hours.

Only insane people would smell it afterwards. No sagging because I paid the $400.00 bucks for the boxspring/foundation.

I think most people complaining didnt buy a TempurPedic.Maybe they bought it in Mexico off the back of a truck.


"lold" of ***, just like the mattress...:grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin Sound mature?

No? just being an *** like you retard!

What?are you still in high school?


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so you bought a king and u have a 800sq apartment smart..and some other comments about getting hot because of the mattress..

that is probably because it supports your body completely.. unlike other beds that dont so it makes it warmer and also your bed sheets make a difference too...

soo much weeehhh :cry and then the people complaining with smell..its foam comon now gees weeeehhh more plz :cry :cry :cry


We could never use this bed as long as we might have back pain because this bed smells so bad.We cannot even stay in the same room.We left in the bedroom, because it was raining outside and left the windows open all night.We went down to sleep on the floor.It has a very strong chemical smell and made us, difficulty to breath, strong headache, we were like poisoned.I think this product must be seriously controlled.We are allergic people, we might have a crisis and die.This is only short therm exposure reaction.If we breath this all night and every night what happens?


We bought the temperpedic a few months ago and like it except for perspiring.we wake during the night drenched from sweating.

The mattress came with a pad so I don't know what else I can do.Any suggestions?

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