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Me and my husband are allergic people.Our mattress was quite all so we decided to by a good hypoallergenic one.After waiting more than a month we received our extremely expensive tempo mattress.It had an awful smell, even the children immediately left the room.We called the seller and said that it has a very strong chemical smell.He said that it just smells 'new'.We decided to give a try but after half an our in bed we both had asthma, couldn't breath and had to take Ventolin inhalation, terrible headache and nausea, dizzness, it was exactly like we were poisoned.So we just put it in the balcony and slept on the floor and sofa all night.All the weekend it stayed out and still has the same intolerable smell.No way that I will pay for that *** but I don't think it is enough,I want to know what we were exposed to exactly and do they really have right to do this.Thanks God we are educated people, I am a doctor myself and we didn't insist to use it.If it is something toxic, carcinogen, who wants to spend a good part of his life on it.This is really something to be cleared out

Product or Service Mentioned: Tempurpedic Mattress.

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Finally, after reading some of these reviews can I clearly say, HORRIBLE MATTRESS!!!!!!!!! This mattress was a gift.

Early on I was feeling very itchy all the time. so, just to be sure, I put two mattress covers, a very large towel and a double folded sheet on top of the mattress. It stopped the itching somewhat. I have discovered since then, I have Lupus, and cancer and my immune system is practically gone.

Even with all the stuff on top of this horror, I have broken out all over my body with itching, swelling, red rashes.

I am unable, at this point, to get a new mattress, until then I will sleep on my couch. I am so relieved that I read and identify with some of these reviews.


@lindasmithusa are u interested in selling your mattress. I assume at 7000$ you have the grand? Respond to this response thread if you're interested in selling your mattress.


Ours had a horrible smell that made us sick. We moved it to a guest room thinking they would take it back but they would not even though we begged them to.

The smell never left and was all over our house. After months of this and being sick all the time we finally wrapped it up and moved it to our storage building where it is now. I want people to know about this so they don't go through what we did. It was a terrible experience I wouldn't wish on anyone.

I don't know how Tempur-Pedic has managed to hide this so well.

A cheap mattress shouldn't make you sick and a $7000 one absolutely shouldn't. Consumers beware!


:grin Wow, I have been looking for reviews on beds and I NEVER comment on people's reviews, I figure it's their opinion. This guy is "educated"???

Where? If you're going to write a review and have people listen to you, at least make sure you don't have 35 spelling errors in your post and then claim to be educated. No one in their right mind would listen to anything this guy has to say. You had "asthma" after a half hour?

What medical doctor would say something so totally untrue and impossible? I guess the same DR that is slowly being "poisened" by her bed.

Sorry, I couldn't help myself. I am a RN, I am educated, and I feel bad for the customer service person who answered this call.


We've had our Temperpedic now for almost 3 yrs and it hasn't killed us yet- we too had a minor smell but it was gone after a week or so- like anything else made- you probably got a lemon- you should have taken it back to the store- is it the store's fault you didn't ? Heck no!

Take responsibility yourself and don't blame the company. I'm sorry, but you have to be responsible as much as they do.

If not happy, then take it back! Sounds more like you're looking to make a quick buck....shame on you!


We have a tempurpedic and love it. We bought a cloud and ran into problems...minor ones, but when I contacted Mattress Warehouse the were so awful we returned the mattress within the 90 days and paid the restocking fee.

We looked elsewhere and downgraded to the model just below the cloud becuase we saved over $1200 from a floor model discount. It felt very firm comparably to the cloud but has rocked after adjusting to it. At thestore the convinced me to buy the box springs which I felt were a waste since I had some from my sleep number. They said not having the springs might negate the warranty.

Not so if you have platform springs. Could have saved $500 there. Our cloud had that crazy smell that also triggered breathing problems for me but went away after a few days. The second mattress did not.

For those of you that hate the tempurpedic, try the sleep number. Usually those that hate one, love the other.


ha ha ha this is the most *** and unprofessional answer, I have ever heard.Apperantly being a MATTRESS PROFESSIONAL doesnt need high qualities, not even to be professional,than a big mouth. But still I would recommend you to look also the rates of, arrogance/low IQ/frustration going together.Thanks for this ultrasatisfying answer I would still prefer to deal with somebody else, who can at least understand the meaning of asthma etc.Obviously I didn't yet, get any answer to my questions.Thanks again, also for giving me the motivation to continue..Kisses from Bon Entendeur !


some tempurpedics do have a smell to them, it's nothing toxic, and usually goes away fairly quickly. If it doesn't, it's covered under their warranty, and they do replace them.

If the retailer from which you purchased it will not do the exchange, contact the manufacturer. Tempurpedic has the highest over-all customer satisfaction rating at 94%, and is the number 1 selling mattress on the globe, however, they are made by people, and people make mistakes sometimes, so it sounds like a defective product.

As for the asthma, I suspect that is a lie. The mattress industry has a saying, "buyers are liars", which basically means that unsatisfied customers tend to exaggerate their problems to get a point accross or to get somebody's attention.


the wright thing to do was to have the mattress to be analised.


Apparently the company has no answer to give!


'A chemical similar to pam'is exactly what?Even pam we can not say 'not toxic' at all. And if the chemical is more on some of the products, why should I risk to be the victim of that, it is for you to solve that problem.This chemical is highly irritative and you are recommanding this mattress to allergic people.??????


I would like to know the exact name of that sprey and make my own search on that.Today there are a lot of products on the market which are said not to be toxic but not true at all.

With the advice of the salesman I already washed the cover, the smell reduced but after 5 days it is still gives migrane and asthma to me and my husband.


the smell comes from a chemical similar to pam used on the molds to work as a not adhesive. it is not toxic ive been to the tempurpedic plan, the smell is common since the foam is made in large bricks and cut into layers if you get one of the outer layers than you get most of the spray.

its is not toxic but i have heard of people getting migranes from it but ive never heard of an asthma attack. the mattresses that typicaly smell ate the deluxe bed no longer in production and the cloud supreme.

how ever by the time it hits you house hold most of the smell is trapped on the cover. try taking it off and putting it in the drier on the no heat clycle with a fabric towel of your choice for 15 mins and the smell will be gone any further concerns email me at cloudninesleep@gmail.com


I am living in Switzerland, and since 5 days I cant get rid of this *** from my house.They say they are too busy to pick it up.And I am decided to fight untill I learn with what tey are poisining us.And how is it not yet banned, althougt tousands of people on internet are saying that, they are poisened by Tempur mattress silently.


George beter you read a bit about allergy and asthma before making any comment.


you need to work on yourselves if your really a doctor. asthma from a smell?

our tempurpedic dont smell one bit.