Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

I wouldn't recommend one of these foam mattress to a pig!

It's all BS and hype, I don't care what the NASA people say. It's just foam rubber, dense cell. They are hot, too dammed heavy to flip and they do form indentions where you sleep and will not change. They are high priced junk not worth re cycling. Find a good real mattress instead of foam rubber. Pillow are the same, hot do not sleep well. Your body needs support, foam rubber does not support, it breaks down quickly. Our is less than 10 years old. Remember a lot of sales people will sell you anything that they can make extreme profits from.

Buy at your own risk, but reconsider!!

Ron in Edmond, OK

Product or Service Mentioned: Tempurpedic Mattress.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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Westville, New Jersey, United States #798122

My tempurpedic makes me hella cold. Maybe youre just fat?

Tampa, Florida, United States #702307

Well first thing is they are not supposed to ever be flipped. They are a foam rubber, but engineered to the point the do support without breaking down.

By your statement above I should tell you to not buy a Honda because it is just a bunch of fancy plastic *** and isn't worth all the hype. If you bought a real tempur pedic and not a knock off, then you should have a warranty that will cover any and all sagging. Also, if it sleeps hot then either you have your mattress covered to the point it can't breath, or you don't have an actual temper pedic.

These mattresses must be able to breathe in order to allow air to circulate or they will sleep hot. 99% of the time there is a complaint about an actual temper pedic it is either handled by the manufacturer (in the defective case) or its the customer's lack of knowledge about how the mattresses work (the most likely case).

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