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I recently bought two tempur pillows, a travel pillow and tempur cloud pillow, costing almost £150. Next day after using the cloud pillow, I had really sore itchy eyes, a sore throat, mucus production, and severe breathing problems. I noticed my symptoms got worse when I went to bed, during the night and when I woke up. I eventually removed the pillow and my symptoms improved, ie sore throat and eyes, but my breathing is still bad.

I am asthmatic, but I had to increase my medication and use prednisolone steroid tablets so that I could begin to breathe properly. I check my peak flow on a daily basis and this was at an asthma "action plan level". It was frightening and I felt so unwell. I hope my asthmatic condition improves. I will continue to monitor it daily. What if this was a child or vulnerable elderly person, particularly if the allergen product was not removed? I sent a detailed email to Tempur UK and received the standardised, patronising response the the positive features, sales of their products

My advise to anyone is don't buy these products, especially if you have any allergies or a lung complaint. But many healthy people have been negatively affected. I asked Tempur UK to at the very least put a warning on their products re potential allergic response and health problems, similar to everyday products like hair dyes and bleach, etc, but they ignored this request.

More information needs to be available before buying these reviews, or I would have not purchased these items.

Product or Service Mentioned: Tempurpedic Bed.

Monetary Loss: $180.

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  • cloud pillow
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I had a tempurpedic mattress, and pillows. I got so sick from them, that 8 months after it was removed from my home I'm still sick with sinus and asthma issues. The toxic make up of these products should be banned as criminal!


I saw there is a lawyer working on a class action

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