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Bought Tempur Mattress-2004, thought at time, it was brilliant, over the years, our health has gone down hill, worse asthma+ other problems+ new ones arising, recently we decided to wash the removeable cover, SHOCK noticed a split in the top of the material. Later more SHOCK! we noticed perfect body pattern shaped mould patches!

We followed all advice given by the company + the Do's and Don'ts.

We were Promised our medical conditions would benefit from its use, for a time it seems to be the case (except we sweated more). Me being over 150pounds (medical conditions/medicine cause fluid retention) I now have only one position I can sleep in, not due to my health conditions, due to the lack of this'floating' support, they mention, if I sit up, I sink right in, it causes numbness, pins and needles now, I have sat on other areas of the mattress, there is support still, like before.

A selling point of this memory foam mattress, is 'you don't need to turn it, but if you end up making 'body indents, that stay after a time, you will have to or have no support!!.

Underneath between the boarding, which we were told we HAD to put down, and the bottom of the mattress is now a color palette of various mould types, on both sides, with a small gap between us. We've had this treated for now, and isn't it funny how our Asthma has improved, pretty much over night too!

Windows are normally open to air the rooms, we don't make the bed, just fold the cover back, to expose the mattress, like we did with our old one (a 10year old,that was still in 'new' like condition, a no roll together semi-othopedic type, I couldn't tolerate the firmness of it, after an RTA, so had to buy a new one), yet this memory foam mattress went mouldy.

A friend had to take hers into her garden (bedroom-ground floor) (something we are physically unable to do) hers was 3-4 years old, cause it was sodden with sweat build up!!

We have come to the conclusion that the mould, split and lack of 'floating' support on my side is down to the fact, that we suddenly NOW learn from the company: that the mattress doesn't tollerate "ANY TYPE" of moisture (there words),or it will crack, disintegrate, go mouldy.

So surely since it is normal for a person to sweat while asleep+ the mattress is known to cause feeling hotter and therefore sweat more, people will sweat into it, so its not suitable a material? Also if you happen to be over 150pounds (my husband is under this and its not sagged/lost supporting ability his side, 'yet'), it seems this mattress will not last you the time they keep reminding you it will.

We were told at the time NOT to use a 'mattress protector' because it would impede the affectiveness of the 'floating' supportiveness and would cause problems with the mattress material, so following their intructions, we didn't use one.

Now we have come to find the mould, we had someone come out to 'look' at it (but other than take photos, they didn't phyiscally examine the spliting), they did after I kept on at them, lift the mattress from a corner and look at the mould 'one side only' not the worse side either! The company will not replace it, or refund us part of the money back for the years which we will not have use of it, beause its had it, beause we were miss sold it, dispite taking excellent care for it and following there instructions!

They are suggesting we have abused it/mis-used it, tugged it, bent it (we are physially unable to do what they are suggesting), or we have washed it, got moisture into it (yeah 6+ years of night sweats, which they knew would happen, when they sold us it)

I believe I was miss sold this mattress, because my health problems, which they were told about in full, This mattress is not suitable for someone with my health conditions and therefore should never have been sold us in the first place!! Yet they told me it would be good for me, 'reasured' me they didn't say that if I brought one, my conditions would invalidate the warranty, as in their eyes its now 'heavily soiled'. I mean I won't have brought one, if I have been told that.

I think they should have a duty of care to say if their product is going to be suitable or not and if someone says they sweat alot, they should say that it is not suitable, not just sell you it anyway, after all the last thing you expect is that your natural sweat moisture rots the very fabric your mattress is made of.

I wouldn't recommend anyone purchasing one of these mattresses, especially if you: sweat alot, slightly overweight-overweight, were someone is disabled/ill and might be bed bound for days sometimes, your not a lady going though bad peri-menopausal symptoms. You don't have dry skin, cause sweat and your creams will soak into the non washable cover and likely stain it on top, as it will become soiled in their eyes and they will say you have invalidated your waranty.

I also think this material is not fit to be used in mattresses full stop, simply because people sweat and sweat is moisture and this mattresses material doesn't tolerate any form of moisture!

Product or Service Mentioned: Tempurpedic Bed.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

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We have same problems customer service cannot make a decision just make excuses which every time we counter one they come up with another awaiting latezt reply think they have run out of excuses absolutely useless do not buy one


I use a really good product Called Anigene(do not work at, nor related to anyone at the company) to help rid of mould, rooms like the 'small' rooms and the back bedroom have times when they get some mould, I even used the product when it was called Tri-gene disinfectant in small amounts if paint and creted my own kitchen bathroom type paint, that for us kept all mould away for around 4-5 years.

You might be able to find a store on-line that sells the ready dilute trigger sprays of this ani-gene, or 1 litre bottles of need-to-dilute yourself concentrate, its a multi surface disinfectant with anti bacterial, anti viral and anti fungal properties, that is used with animals, I have been using it for many years since before it changed it name to Ani-gene.

the company that make it is Medichem. but if you can't buy a single item from medichem you should be able to get it on-line from a good pet supplies or of course amazon or ebay for example.

If you have Asthma triggered by allergies/intollerances, or find scented things make you sneeze or cough, some people find the unscented suits them better than the scented ones.

anyway I would check with them about spraying it onto the matteress itself, but I did in our case of mouldy mattress and base boards, I sprayed the zippered cover around mattress and the boards and let it sit for 5-10 minutes before wiping it up, as our mould was technicoloured, dread to think what nasties were in there,I also spraid the carpet, curtains and wiped the furniture and windowsill surfaces over to collect any stray mould particles, which might have escaped while moving the mattress, that night we slept better (less wheezy), it is not an air spray, but a surface spray, so don't spray into the air, try to breath in as Little as possible of the product and ideal to vent the room, if you need to spray large arers. I use it in all the rooms and for cleaning my pets housing and litter trays out with and clean work tops, sinks etc. I even used it on the mould that started to form in the washing machines rubber seal and thankfully it didn't damage the sealand got rid of the mould.

I have used the ani-gene shampoo to wash hair in, helps certain forms of dandruff ie if bacterial/fungal caused, even used it to wash clothes in when a family member was sick in hospital, because clothes were low temp wash only, or after handling an unwell animal or wash clothes after ones had accident on you.

It is very good at killing the mould off, an elderly neighbour of mine was left by the council with sopping wet, mouldy carpet and thick black mould growing more than half way up the wall in her lounge, which damaged her carpet, sofa, wall paper and covered the wall side of her small side table too, yet after the initial inspection well before december, listed as a very urgent job, she was still waiting them to do something in the spring, so asking me to see what I thought, cause she kept ringing and they ignored her, I was expecting probably a sparce spread of black spots up her wall, not the sopping wet, black mouldy carpet and mould on the walls you could scrape with your nails, I was confronted with in this corner of her louge, I, felt unable to let this disabled pensioner live in the horror any longer, I sorted her a bottle of Ani-gene and sprayed everything moudly, left it to work for at least 10minutes, before cleaning it off, then sprayed it again, leaving a thin coating on the walls n the already wet carpet, it look alot improved by time I had finished, even though the mould had stained the walls, paper and carpet a different shade, most of the black mould was removed with a bit of elbow grease and the spray and by the next day the musty smell was barely there and you could see the mould had died, even though the walls were still damp and her carpet sopping. thankfully the council did finally arrive to do something, she told them her neighbour had helped her out months ago with killing the mould off, but there was still the problem of the water from somewhere, dampwalls that included a plug socket among the damp, they did fully sort the remaining problem and came back late last summer once it was well dried out to re-decorated the room totally, but i dread to think what could have happened to her already bad health, but the chemical hadn't damaged the wooden table,sofa fabric or where I sprayed on the wall and carpet outside of the mould to help contain its spread, but i do test new fabrics/carpets, but so far ani-gene hasn't caused fading or discolouration of anything but this Ani-gene (Tri-gene and Sporal-D shampoo (previously Tri-gene shampoo) in the past, I have used without ill effects for many many years and safely cleaning out cages/tanks with small rodents like gerbils, degu and Guinea pigs with babies too, so unless someone had an allergic to an ingrediant, it should be perfectly safe to use in the enviroment were a baby would be, although as with any chemicals, best of the baby isn't in same room when using them. but if you find out if it would be safe on your mattress fabric, just to at least kill the mould off, it would be cheaper than the £90.

I can't advise about other brands, for there effectiviness or how safe they are sprayed on different fabrics and surfaces, as never tried them, but I have just looked for the 1 x 1 litre of concentrate and found one example at £15 plus shipping of under £3, at the 1:100 dilution, just 50ml of the product would give you 10 x 500ml bottles of the ready mixed stuff. But you should be able to find the trigger spray bottles of ready mixed, and smaller sized bottles of concentrate. I'm recommending it, cause I have used it for years and never had a problem with it, but I do repeat, ask advice about fabrics/mattress itself, or try a very small area and leave over night to see if it harms it, like they advice with carpet cleaner soloutions or fabric cleaners/de-odourisers. however back to the mattress we had someone inspect our mouldy mattress and they didn't charge us, so unless they have changed their clauses/rules.

I did contact consumer rights for advice first and reported that to Tempur I had asked CR for advice, I also emailed, rather than phoned, so there wasn't a chance of he said/she said, it was all down in emails,so proof and who said what.

but they told me the material doesn't tollerate any form of mosture, so I sent them a website about how much on average a person sweats in there sleep and said that they were suggesting that the material wasn't fit for its purpose! Best of luck


We bought our Tempur memory foam mattress less than a year ago, 1500 GBP it already developed mold and the company said we should pay for FIRA 90GBP to come and inspect and they will submit their report back to Tempur and based on that we might get a replacement. I am expecting a baby, mold needs to go, but equally I can not afford to spend an other 90 GBP on this, as I got tons of other things to buy for the little one.

We are stuck. If anyone been in the same situation please advise.


We brought ours direct from Tempur and followed to the word their advice given to us, which was at the time, we needed to lay boards over the slats, cause we were told, the slats would damage! and also NOT to use any form of mattress protector, and given reasons not to use one. We haven't changed the frame/slats an now the advice is they are OK.

I'm glad you are happy with yours, and hope you have no problem with it in years to come, its seems they have done a complete u-turned, on their advice on how to look after it.

Ourselves and others I know who paid out for a proper Tempur product (most direct from them) expecting to get what you pay for, I know someone that has one of the 'cheaper' memory foam ones, she brought for the spare room and themselves a true Tempur and after 3 months of no sleep and feeling fluy, they swopped to the cheap one and 4 years later, they still using the cheap one, she says the cheap one has never given her fluy symptoms once.


Tempur is a wonderful product, when used correctly, and if you actually have Tempur, it is a brand name, not a kind of mattress, I havse spoken to a few people who say they aren't happy with their Tempur mattress when they've got some cheap £400 thing....also any mattress on boards will get mouldy....nothing to do with tempur.


Louisa Benke I wish you all the best with your claim, sorry to hear your bad luck with the company you brought it from going into recievership, i hope you have some luck with Tempur and if not Watchdog.

contact with emails, then you got proof of what they have replied with, as phone calls can be about he said she sad and no firm proof of what was said. obviously goes without saying careful with what you say/word your messages, ie don't be rude.

Again obvious Make sure any legal facts you use in your claim are current and correct. If they mention about it not tollerating moisture and moisture causing mould, cracks, splits etc..., remind them in an email that we all sweat, alot at nights, some people with certain types of medical condition/times in their lives ie pregnancy or on certain medications sweat more too and as everyone sweats while they sleep to a greater or lesser degree and sweat is clearly moisture, are they saying the material is unfit for use as a mattress, because if it can't tollerate moisture, it won't tolerate sweat, so therefore unfit for purpose!!

anyway best of luck


Ours too!! Im in conversations with them now!

Ours has gone mouldy underneath between the slats of the bed the type of bed frame recommended to us at the time so that air can circulate. The mould is on the inside underneath on the foam part not on the cover. This is the second one the first went mouldy within 2 weeks massive circle.

To top that off the company that we bought this off last week went into receivership they had told us a new one was on its way 2 moths ago!!! If they wont sort it will be contacting bbc watchdog for starters!


I found similar mold after just 3 years. I am trying to complain and get them to replace, but the warranty does in fact have a moisture clause.


I found similar mold after just 3 years. I am trying to complain and get them to replace, but the warranty does in fact have a moisture clause.


Thank you for sharing your experience. We were considering buying one but have definitely reconsidered.


I am very sorry I paid $3200 for the worst mattress I've ever had the displeasure of sleeping on. The Tempurpedic mattress makes my back hurt.

My legs and arms go numb if I stay in the same position too long. I would not reccommend this overpriced piece of junk to anyone.


I am very disappointed with the over heating. I wasn't told anything about that when I purchased.

I just recently found moisture and spots of mold on the underside of the mattress and on the box spring. I feel like I should throw it out. I don't even know how to begin getting the moisture out of a huge foam mattress and preventing it from happening again. I don't like mattress protectors because they are not breathable and cause uncomfortable sweating.

I wish we went pillow top!! We could have gotten something really nice for the amount of money we spent on temprapedic.


Kim Birdsill ---These mattress are sold in many countries and are all part of Tempur-pedic International, but I suspect I'm in a different country to yourself. Keep the pressure on, keep repeating your problem and that you feel you were miss informed about the putting on a soild bed base, explain you air the mattress and the air where you live is dry, and your doing all you've been told and its still gone mouldy and your very unhappy, with this fact, mention you will take it to a local newspaper or radio etc..

because you feel let down by them, as your concerned that some of the types of mould that grow on mattresses can be dangerous. Best of luck


I too have a mold issue. I was told it was okay to put my mattress on a platform type bed too.

I have always used a mattress cover. My husband is 6'4 240lbs and he has noticed an increase in sweating. Well the mold is on his side. I live in a very dry area at 9000ft.

We leave the windows open 75% of the (yes even in the snow) we like to sleep cold. I am so disappointed with this because I love the bed and have had no other complaints with smell, allergies,, cough, etc. I was wondering if you had a specific person you dealt with at Tempur-pedic.

I have sent two emails now and no response. I am trying to keep my cool, but I am going to call next and was hoping to reach an accomadating person.

Thanks for any help you can give me.


Just updating on our complaint, Tempur replaced the mattress in the end, we had to pay a small % towards, as it was over so many years old, which is stated in their terms and conditions, we had when buying it, that after so long, the guarentee covered you for only so much towards the cost of replacement, which is fair enough.

We have been told this time, that the slats are perfectly ok for width and say we don't need boarding on them, which is different to what we was told last time and we have purchased a quality mattress protector, which is meant to be a good one.

Sometimes it pays to do your homework on your rights, also when they say something like they did to us about, "the material doesn't tollerate any form of moisture, and since everyone sweats in bed, sweat = moisture, I wrote back and said, then that means the mattress isn't fit for the purpose and sent facts about how much everyone sweats etc..., as by saying it didn't tollerate moisture or it cracks, splits..., so therefore it couldn't tollerate sweat, so therefore unsuitable material for a mattress in the first place and not be fit for the purpose.

Our problem would have been avoided, if we had not been given 2 lots of miss information in the first place,(to cover the slats with solid boarding and not to use a protector as it interferred with the way it worked etc.........

So Had we been given correct info right away, this issue should never have risen, therefore we would have not had a complaint about the split and mould caused by the miss information..

Its worth doing your research, stating facts, pointing out where their info given at the time now differs totally and so no, don't give up after the 1st couple of emails, if you feel you have a case, then keep at it. Threats to take it to consumer help places, local or national press, but Keep your cool, and language clean, helps alot..

best of luck to any one else.


In all senses of the word. In Canada, both words have wide currency.[142] When speaking of the noun describing a form for casting a shape, the US will also use the "mould" spelling, but defaults to "mold" when referring to the fruiting bodies of tiny fungi. Mold is the older spelling.[143]


I would use a mattress protector esp in an unclimate controlled environment. There are protectors now that stretch 4 ways very nicely and will not defeat the floating of the mattress.

Go to a really good mattress or back store and look for them. If you mattress gets mold you are probably screwed--no matter what the mattress is.


No mattress manufacturer warrants against moisture. Next time try a mattress protector.


I'm glad I just read your comment. I was on my way to purchase a new bed, now that I read your comments I will pass on the Tempurpedic. Thanks.

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