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I can sleep on anything, this is not an indictment regarding the mattress. Tempurpedic sells it with an automatic adjustable mechanism, like a hospital bed.

We bought this king size bed new in 2006 for lots of money. It has two electric motors that move the bed up and down (one for each side). In 2007 both adjustment motors went bad. Replaced motors under warranty.

Now in 2010 another motor failed. Replaced at my cost. These mattresses are heavy. I don't think the motors can handle the weight, yet they keep sending them out.

You won't be happy.

I'm not. $177 each time the motor goes out, and I expect it will every two years.

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I have had mine for 9 years without any issues.


We have had a TempurPed with adjustable frame for 9 years. Original motor lasted 3 years, replacement lasted about 3 years.

Gets expensive at $177 every three years. You woulde think it not good for business either.


I bought. A tempurpedic adjustable bed.

We decided to return the mechenism as it caused us discomfort.

We only had it for two weeks and we were told it is nonretunable. I nnever heard of such a thing


Since 2007 I hav had 4 motors burn out over 4 years. This product is no good for what it is being used.

This gives Temperpedic a bad mark to offer this product for their adjustable beb. Also I had to get a replacement matress (at no cost) as my matress lost it's resilency.


Tempur-Pedic Adjustable Base Motor are JUNK it has a metal housing, in the inside the gears are made of plastic. I brought my Adjustable Base from Sleepy's on 9/1/06 for $1600.

I purchase the extra warranty for one more year, for $100.00 more. My son called an ask why he could not extend it for another year their answer was, they only allow 1 year. Right after the 2rd year ended my motor stopped working on the Headboard. I call Tempur-Pedic up and told them what happen.

I was told the gears were strip and made out of plastic not out of metal. What a shock that was. I asked if I could order the headboard motor. I was told they do not sell the headboard motor separately, I would half to buy both motor for $200 that was even a better shock than the first one.

For $1600 you would think Tempur-Pedic would put in better motors. Those motors must be made in china were else. I am a senior citizen and handicap person now I don't have $200 for two new motor.

For the life of me I don't know why they don't sell those motor separately.




Just mentioned, to a friend, WoW, really surprised this bed has held my weight for these past two years, considering I move it up and down all night long, looking for a new comfort spot every hour or so. I said it less than a week ago; today I heard the first sound of a stripped gear or thread slipping, in a scary sounding boom, boom, boom.

I have a very bad back from an accident over 10 years ago, if this bed collapses it'll set me back 5 years.

Thoe most expensive, piece of ***, I've eber purchased; the "k-car" of beds.... NEVER AGAIN!


yes dave i was told also need a new motor and its only the electronics board

i am now checking places to get a replacement board or one single part someone has to have this not sure what its called but its the little black 1/4 in 1 in long with about 12 prongs to solder i am going to take it apart again and get the numbers off it and see if i can find one


Same with my motor in our Queen size a *** motor would NEVER buy from this company I will try and sell it with out fixing the motor after all the money i spent on it and the motor does not last


I also bought a queen size tempur-pedic automatic adjustable bed,And even know we don't use the lift or massage feature very often it also failed.After speaking on the phone with representative and checking to make sure remote and control box were ok i was told the motors were bad and a new one would be around $180.00 but i would have to install, No problem,Being a mechanic i removed motor assembly from bed,Open up the housing and tested the motors.To my surprise the motors were fine.After testing individual components i found that the cheap *** electronics board is the problem,But they won't sell just the board,You have to buy tho whole motor assembly cause of their *** parts.WHAT A WASTE OF MONEY $5000.00 for this bed, what joke. THANKS FOR NOTHING TEMPURPEDIC.


same problem with mine, all that money and a *** 2 year warranty.will never buy one again or suggest that anyone buy's one


Same problem Queen sized Tempurdic bed bought in 2006. Legget & Pratt make the motors.

The lady at Legget and Pratt told me that i need a new motor wich could be replaced for $156.04 excluding Taxes Tags and shipping.She didn't mention anything about 2 motors. I hope it's because I have a queen and not a king .

I also dont have the split in the matress. I install it myself she says it's easy 20 years my *** .

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