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I and my husband bought Tempur-Pedic mattress for our son in August 2010. In a few months I took my son to the doctor and he told him that his back hearts extremely because of that mattress - I am not quite sure why he didn't tell me that beforehand - maybe because we were telling him how good mattress we have bought for him.

After the doctor's appointment we exchanged our old Postupedic mattress with his new Tempur-Pedic and he started to sleep on our old mattress. Since that moment he had never complained of back pain. Unfortunately since that moment I and my husband started to have back pain. We tried to return the mattress to The Brick (we have paid 2000.00 CAD + taxes, so I didn't want to loose these money).

The GM of the store Kashan told me that the six months period for their return have passed and there is nothing he can do to return my money back or to exchange the mattress. He gave me a phone number to call the sales representative for Tempur-Pedic and I called with no any success - the sales representative told me that he cannot do anything and that the store is the only one that can do something (catch 22).

We figured that there is nothing we can do further and we still suffer from back pain. Unfortunately this is our story has HOW has TEMPUR transformed our life...

Product or Service Mentioned: Tempurpedic Mattress.

Monetary Loss: $2240.

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I've had lower back pain and it's much worse in the Tempur-pedic , the bed is hot and has no support. I hate my bed and suffer in it. Over $3.000 worth of pain.

Spokane, Washington, United States #609364

In the same boat. Bought my tempur pedic in March of 2012.

Now the back pain is so unbearable I am taking pills every day to combat it and I am going to chiropractor. He told me that the bed is absolutely causing the problem.

When I sleep in a hotel, I sleep through the entire night and don't wake up with back pain.

$3500 down the drain. A hard lesson for me that more expensive does not always mean better.


We bought a Tempurpedic 5 years ago. All was fine for the first couple of years.

Then I started getting lower back pain on some mornings. It seems to be related, the longer I sleep the more likely the pain in the morning. Fortunately, after getting up and moving for a few minutes the pain goes away. My wife has no issues at all, except that the mattrass is quite warm.

I travel quite a bit and tend to sleep better in hotel beds where I do not get backpain in the morning... quite sad.


Good luck with the least step up to a Stearns & Foster.


We have had our "base model" TempurPedic for two years. I have been getting back pain from sleeping on it, in increasing frequency to the present point of awaking with pain in the middle of my back EVERY morning.

As a desparation move, I turned the mattress around to where what was once the foot of the mattress is now at the head of the bed. This has stopped my back pain.

I am not optimistic that this is a permant fix. I am concerned that I did not buy a firm enough version of the mattress for me.


We bought an over $4,000 Tempur-Pedic mattress

for C S Wo here in Hawaii. Within 6 months there were valleys of almost 2 inches.

They exchanged the mattress and guess what-the same thing happened. They would only give us credit for the mattress and nothing for the $100.00/ea pillows. We purchased over $30,000 worth of furniture from them-most had to be returned because of poor quality and workmanship.

It took them over 2 years to get some of our money back. Temper-Pedic was no help.


The Tempur-pedic bed we bought made our back hurt as well,it hurts us all the time and our bed is 10 yrs old and already worn out!!! It is a waste of $$$$ to buy this *** bed!!!

We are getting a NEW SEALY bed in a wk...AMEN!!!!

I can't wait!!!! GOOD BYE TEMPER-*** bed!!!


I love my temperpedic bed

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