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My husband an I purchased a Tempur Pedic king bed several years ago.It is advertised to last 20 yrs......that's a joke!! We got it and the first thing we noticed it smelled terrible like a chemical.We contacted the company many times and their reply was lame.As the yrs went by we tried to adjust to being HOT and the bed sinking down like sleeping in a ditch.

We've decided this is it!!!!!!!

We ordered a simply Sealy bed.The company could careless that your miserable,all they want is the money!!!! Bunch of GREEDY thugs!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Tempurpedic Bed.

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third mattress still have fish odor


Bought this for my health, it has separated and is pilling all over the place, worthless now. Spent extra money for this thinking it was a quality item.

There is no way I can pay for shipping, on disability.

What a rip off big time. Not happy!


We purchased a tempurpedic in March 2012, in June it still has a chemical odor. I have walked on the bed with stockings for several weeks, left off the mattress pad during the day to air out, left windows open and have a high tech air cleaner running in the room.

I called the salesperson after a month and asked them to pick up the bed as I wanted to return, he advised me that we have 90 days to return. He suggested spraying with fabreeze (are you kidding?).

I love the comfort of the bed, I just can't deal with the chemical smell. I am going to look at a Serta today.


I bought a tempur pedic bed on 4/12 and it smelled so bad the 1st night i had to get up in the middle of the night and sleep on the floor.Then it ended up smelling up my bedroom so bad the next night i had to sleep in another room!I called the vendor and he replaced it in 2 days with another one that smelled only 1/2 as bad and would give me major head aches in the middle of the night! Now i can't sleep in my room again and am trying to see if the smell will go away ,before i send it back again for good.No head aches in the other bedroom.Tempur Pedic doesn't seem to want to help or care about the chemical smell.


I bought a tempur pedic 6 years ago and I LOVE it and so does the rest of my family! My kids want to sleep in my bed beacause of the mattress.

It does have an odor when you first get it just like new carpet or anything else new but it goes away very quickly. I have had no sagging with mine at all. It is still as firm as it was the day I bought it and it has helped my fibromyalgia pain and back pain when nothing else worked. The only time I have an issue with it being hot is if I have to many covers on.

You really only need a sheet in the summer and a sheet and a light weight blanket in the winter.

If you are sleeping with your comforter/bedspread or one of those quilted down comforters then you will be really hot. I absoulutely LOVE mine!


My hubby and I also fell for the king top-of-the-line tempurpedic. I so wish we had tried the 3 month trail first!

No way would I have bought this bed if we had! The smell goes away, it IS hot and also HARD! I really hate this bed. I can not get comfortable.

The egos are rarely used so not worth the extra$$ nor is the massage feature. I do not find it relaxing at all.

Thevibration feature is ok, not what I had hoped for for so much money! Never will buy one of these things again!


Bad experience w/Cloud Supreme. One 135 lb female sleeps here.

Bed sags where ever I sleep on this queen sz, has indentations in many places even tho I've changed sleep spots every few nights. Mattress causes me pain and muscle problems that I do not have sleeping on other mattresses. Mattress is on proper foundation and less than 2 yrs old, no heat used. Should have been junked a year ago or more.

$2,000 matttress, worthless now. I'm 73, I'm suppose to take it off the bed, photo it, and if the co would do anything, I pay & ship it back. 3/4" required indentation or they do nothing. What kind of service is that?

It's not possible for me to do that.

I just have to purchase a new mattress and have it hauled away and wasted $2,000 that caused me physical pain. Would personally never buy one again.


95% of unhappy tempurpedic owners problems can be solved by some basic simple steps. If your salesperson didn't explain the temperature sensitivity of the bed he was just bad at his job.

I have people call me on the phone all the time that can't figure out why their tempur is sinking only to find out they're using a heating pad. Or that it's too firm and find out they put a mattress pad on it. It's done wonderful things for literally millions of people so I'm sorry you had a bad experience with it.

Thankfully there's only a handful of unhappy people. Hopefully the uninformed unprofessional sales people won't be around in the future.


Everyone complains about the smell. :cry

It goes away after a few days. It helps to open the windows and doors to increase air circulation. 'Beating' on the mattress a bit like Dave suggested seems to help too.

As for the bed being too hot and sinking down too much, those are related because the memory foam is temperature sensitive. More heat makes the memory foam softer and causes you to sink in more. Can't tell you WHY it's so hot for you though. Do you use an electric heating blanket?


I have a friend who works for a mattress Company. I too had to deal with the chemical smell of the Tempurpedic memory foam when it was brought home new.

Heres the quick fix (although it too late for you but perhaps someone else can benefit)literally walk all over the bed in stocking feet making certain you cover every part of the mattress several times over a few day period of course only when it's NEW.

The chemical smell will be gone in days and the bed will "Break In" and be a much better product. I Love my Tempurpedic!