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The mattress has a premium price, but after a year it has becom a saging, lumpy packed mass of foam.Do not buy this bed. The memory foam breaks down and sinks at the pressure points.

When I am on it, it feels like it is pushing my back out of alignment. I think of it as a midevil torture device.

I now need to *** the bullet and buy a new bed. The middle of the bed still feels like new,and showed just how much the bed has deteriorated in less than a year.Ive been ripped off.

Product or Service Mentioned: Tempurpedic Mattress.

Monetary Loss: $2200.

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We have had the cloud for over a year. We started noticing the mattress was getting weaker in the middle, and causing the feeling of rolling to the middle when lying in it.

We are going through the claim process, and they are sending out a new mattress without looking at it, and without any hassles about it. We found out that other we know have gotten two new clouds for the same issue. I've asked them if they have made improvements to fix the problem with this mattress. It seems that soft feel has turned out to compromise the quality and durability.

I will say that we actually did love the mattress for the first 6 months, it's absolutely great, but then it starts to loose that memory foam feeling after awhile. I hope they figure out how to correct this problem and give us a mattress that provides us that soft cloud sleeping that lasts for the 20 years they guarantee.


Warranty is useless as the bed springs back. I can step on the bed in the softened areas and touch the floor yet lying a straight edge across bed when no one is on it proves nothing.

We are experiencing significant back pain due to this mattress.

I guess we should count ourselves lucky as we purchased the original version that was less expensive and initially more firm. It lasted 7 years before we started noticing problems.


They're asking for verification of wear so they can replace your mattress. To not provide it only helps their bottom line and hits you in the wallet. Just do it!


I bought one of 4000 $, in Europe.And it is the worst mattress I have ever had.

When you look inside the mattress(the cover can be taken of)you just see in, a *** synthetic sponge with a very bad smeell-probably very toxic-that is all.

I have the feeling to be terribly cheated by Tempur.


take the zippered cover off and take pictures of it send them to tempurpedic and let them know you will email the same pic to comsumer best buy they will replace the mattress for you if they dont than send the pics to consumer best buy and good house keeping one of those two companys will repay you for the mattress when they see its defective since they offer additional warranties.


Oh boy ! I bought a "torture pedic" mattress several years ago (king) and it is sssssssssoooooooo saggy it's pathetic!

I called the company and they wanted me to remove the mattress to a flat floor - put yard sticks across the middle of each side and take photos to send to them ! Why should I have to do that when they say their guarantee is so great ??

I WILL NEVER - repeat - NEVER buy another one and NEVER EVER recommend it to others. :(

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