Englewood, Colorado
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I purchased a Tempur Pedic Cloud mattress 16 months ago. The first 5 months or so I found it quite comfortable.

Since then, it has gotten progressively less comfortable. So much so that it has caused a buldging disc in my back. I have also found that I can only sleep on my side. Any other position causes extreme pain in my back, even if I am just in the position for a few minutes.

Although I have the recommended amount of supports on my bed frame, I am going to try additional supports as well as a back board to see if anything helps before I start trying to make a warranty claim.


Product or Service Mentioned: Tempurpedic Mattress.

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Wish we had done a little more research before we bought ours 5 years ago. Wife likes it, but I completely agree with you.

I naturally sleep on my back, and any night over 7 hours means lower pack pain when I wake up. It's a chore to get up in the morning without waking her. When I sleep 6 hours or less it seems to be less of an issue for my back. Ironically, when I sleep in other beds, or the couch, or camping there is no back pain.

Have to try your trick of sleeping on the side. Maybe a straight piece of wood on top of the Tempurpedic on my side would help...