Mount Laurel, New Jersey

In August 2006 we purchased a California-king sized Tempur-pedic Cloud Supreme bed set. From the beginning my wife complained about it being hot. At first I refused to agree with her and in the winter time when we have the thermostat set down a bit at night it feels good, but summer is a different story. On top of that within a few months I began to notice it basically began to form permanent indentations on each side where we sleep (exactly what they advertise doesn't happen) and a noticable hump in the middle.

After spending over $3000 for this mattress I can only say this is totally unacceptable, yet it took longer than the 90 day trial period for this to materialize. I assume most people that spend this kind of money on a mattress set would expect it to last more that 5 or 6 years, but I can't wait to get rid of it and try something else.


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Dont buy tempurpedic. Bought the Cloud supreme along with ergo base.

I have not stopped itching. The bed is terribly hot. I bought in feb so by the time it was summer then the 90 days was up. I talked with the customer service and they niw refuse to return my calls.

I told then I wanted refund.

I will be paying this bed off the next three years and cant sleep in it. They are crooks!


I agree 100% with #321218 above. We purchased our Temperpedic Rhapsody King mattress & foundation in August 2009.

With delivery, etc., we paid $4200! We LOVED our bed (after the first month or so during the off-gasing and break-in period)...and continued to love it for the first couple of years. For the last 8-10 months, it's been horrible! Permanent indentations on both sides with hump in the middle.

Of course this is not visible, so not eligible for warranty. As soon as we lay down though, you fall in the holes! We are both side-sleepers and a bit overweight, but never have we had a bed fail so completely in such a short period of time - and never have we paid so much for a bed!!

VERY disappointed and upset that we were so gullible to fall for a 20 year warranty. DON'T BUY!!

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