Omaha, Nebraska

After sleeping on a tempur pedic mattress for the last 4 years I now have sciatica and chronic shoulder pain. The mattress has had *** in the middle for more than 2 years.

You can't see the hole but if you apply any body pressure you can feel it is much much softer there, just like a broken sagging conventional mattress. Therefore, my spine is misaligned. It is excruciating to even turn in. My shoulders ache because it is too stiff where my shoulders lie.

It seems heat and weight break the material down. I awaken every morning in pain that takes a long time to go away.

Product or Service Mentioned: Tempurpedic Mattress.

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My husband naps across the mattress. I wonder if this can this ruin the mattress. I am beginning to have sciatic and shoulder pain after having this mattress less than 6 months.


We had a Tempurpedic Cloud Supreme for 90 days- it killed both of us. 1 year later now my partner is getting cortizone shots in her neck and I still have had elbow pain.

I don't know why but it made my elbows and knees hurt. It sure did feel good in the store...


we have a king size tempurpedic for 1 1/2 years now and it is the most comfortable bed i've ever slept on. i used to wake up with lumbar pain from previous mattress (serta) now i wake up without lumbar pain. my shoulder and neck problems have decreased.

obviously, different people have different needs but tempurpedic is not the worst bed in the world.


have either of you contacted the manufacturer or the stroe you purchased the bed from. I have heard that they have the best warranty and stand behind them 100%.


My shoulders and hips hurt too...I also have had my Tempurpedic for 4 years...