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Purchased a TP bed about two years ago. First 100 days (money back period coincidentally) were great. Since then the bed is sagging worse than any conventional mattress I have ever owned.

There are visible imprints in the bed on either side where my wife and I sleep. You can actually slide from the middle of the bed into either "hole". Now back and neck pain is common from a night's sleep in the TP bed and you have to put blankets under you to fill the void.

This mattress is all hype and is overpriced. Save your money.

Product or Service Mentioned: Tempurpedic Mattress.

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The Tempur Pedic is a scam based upon cognitive dissonance. People who lay out an exorbitant amount of money for a mattress need their expectations to meet reality.

I purchased a Tempur Pedic some years ago and it quickly developed an uncomfortable sag. I did not have any back problems prior to using the Tempur Pedic but I quickly developed them. When I contacted Tempur Pedic and submitted photos of the sag I was told it was not a “significant enough sag”‘. I subsequently tossed the mattress into the trash and I think a homeless person carted it away.

I purchased a high density foam mattress from a local dealer for about $400 and I have never had a better night sleep.

I purchased three more for our guest rooms and everyone that sleeps on them asks where we got them. Don’t be scammed; avoid Tempur Pedic.


We bought A Temopurpedic Cloud Supream and it is just awful. The bed is so hot and uncomfortable it's just terrible.

To make matters worse, the bed just stinks. We have had ours for over a month now and the room smells like wet particle board when you walk in the room. I would give very careful thought to buying a Tempurpedic mattress as the customer service after the sale is just not there. Also becare who you buy from because the Tempurrpedic mattress comfort warranty is anly goods from Tempurpedic unless the store you buy from honors the Temprupedic warranty.

I wouls make sure you ask the store are thinking of buying from if the mattress can be returned.

If not RUN. If you don;t like the mattress and ther eis a very good chance you will not, you are stuck with it and it's a very expensive mistake


worst bed of my life! and to discount a previous rude comment about people being able to afford the bed; mine was a wedding gift.

when picking it out we were not warned about the heat issue, which is ridiculous. ridiculously HOT, and ridiculous that it wouldn't be such a concern to the consumer that it wouldn't warrant being mentioned by the dealer. we bought a moisture wicking cover with it, at added cost; which of course was mentioned by the dealer. the first year was ok, the change was subtle.

Now, every morning my husband and i wake up drenched in sweat with severe neck, shoulder, and back pain. we both toss and turn ALL night long. no REM sleep in this house.

and no sex either; wouldn't want to get the *** thing wet! :(


Oh thank God. I thought I was having bladder trouble. So nice to hear it's just the bed.


Replaced ours twice now...and going for a 3rd replacement. Every year or so my side develops the hole. I weight 235 and am a pretty hot sleeper. Could be a combination of weight and temp.

This time around, we are going to get it replaced and immediately try to sell it and then go get something else.

And I too can afford it....since we are going on our 3rd replacement and they won't replace it without first proving it has a dip....that's proof the beds are ***.


I can certainly afford mine, and I frigging HATE it! We have had it for a few years and I still sleep horribly on it.

We don't have any problems with it sinking yet, but man, it kills my back! I sleep better on the ground. I think it is because of the extra lumber support it offers.

I prefer NO lumbar support - wish I would have known that before I bought it.

And by the way, I am in great shape, so it's not that...


I know where your coming from.

I know why they say you won't toss and turn so much, its because once your in YOUR "hole", you can't move too easy out of it to toss and turn! It also does not feel at all comfortable in any other position than in the 'hole' and after a time even that becomes uncomfortable.

I believe the material is not suitable for the purpose, because it says that it doesn't tollerate any form of moisture (although at time of buying, I did report my health conditions/major symptoms, which included bad night sweats and that I was often bed bound for days, so Couldn't 'air' it regulary, yet I was told my conditions won't be a problem and I would greatly benefit from it, we were told not to 'wash it', we couldn't have 'washed' it anyway its too heavy for us to move, but we were told nothing about moisture damaging it in a major way (cracking, sagging, mildew or going mouldy), or I would have had alarm bells ringing, about sweat, as sweat is corrosive, certain meds can change the PH too, skin creams for dry skin, will leak into it, via your sweat and do damage to it. We have never had a mattress go mouldy on us, our last one was 10years old and only cause it was too firm after an accident, that we had to get a new one and the 10year old one was taken from our gardens covered area over night (a friend was going to collect it early morning, but someone beat them to it, all no doubt because it looked brand new still, not a mark on it, the labels were still looking like they had just been sewn on it! Doubt anyone will nick this one, if we put it out, not with moulds in about 5 colors!!

a friend of ours in a ground floor home took hers out into her back garden and into the sunshine for 2 days, cause it was soggy as she is a lady of a certain 'night sweats/hot flashes' age and her's was 3-4 years old and their is only her on the bed. I also know of some other cases of mouldy mattress, split ones and saggy ones and all have been by decent people that take pride in carring for their things, I think in some cases where people are light weight, don't sweat much,and have plenty of lower ventalation, it probably will last 15/20 years, for many people who are ill/disabled/elderly/have bad back, which they aim these products for, often have to stay in bed longer hours, maybe bedbound, this bed is not going to last the length, yet your not told that when you buy it.


I bought my tempurpedic 4 years ago. I have the same problem with the 'holes' in the bed.

I now wake up every mornng with lower back pain and neck pain. We bought the bed because my husband has spine problems and thought this bed would be good for him. He wakes up numb every morning. The 'holes' in my bed are not deep enough to warrent a replacement bed.

Customer service claims that slight sagging is normal.

We have to suffer through the pain and wait for the sagging to get worse before they will replace the bed. I won't bother - I'm going to just buy a different brand bed and chalk this up to a $3000 lesson learned.


You are just looking for an excuse to return the mattress. Probably bought a bed that you could not afford is what it comes down to.

Tempur-pedic has the best service dept that I have worked with. Bought my 1st temp in 1995 just bought rhapsody 3 years ago, and have since bought my aging parents a cloud supreme. They have told me what a differance it made in the quality of there sleep.

Next time if you cant pay dont buy!! Rather then trash the reputation of something


I can't speak for everyone, but I know my tempurpedic came with a 20 year warranty. I would assume it's the same now.

That definitely sounds like a defective bed. My tempurpedic is almost 6 years old now and still feels the same way it did the day we bough it.

Contact their warranty department.

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