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I bought a Tempur Pedic, 8 years ago for $1724. after about a month I noticed a lot of lumps under the tempur pedic cover.

I unzipped it and there were small fibers clumped together over the entire bed, I went back to the store where I bought it and they told me I was suppose to remove the cover and vaccuum the mattress. I did and what a mess. Took over an hour to clean it off of mattress and carpeting and everything else. However it did not solve the problem.

Shortly after it was there again. When you look at the mattress without the sheets, all you see is a massive amount of lumps. Has anyone else had this problem?

Up until just lately the bed has been comfortable (except for the lumps)

Now I do have back and shoulder pain when I wake up . I can't blame it all on the bed because I do have Post Polio and Osteoporosis .

Product or Service Mentioned: Tempurpedic Mattress.

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De Berry, Texas, United States #1338049

We have a king tempur pedic. Several years old.

Great at first for me but now I can hardly sleep on it. My husband still sleeps well. The mattress has

a lumpy feel to it now. My side seems lower than his.

I have tried walking on it to spread the

Lump out but it doesn't help for long. Any suggestions?

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #757015

I had the same experience with little pieces of foam under the cover. I had to remove the cover and vacuum the entire surface to get all the residue off.

After spending over $4,000 for a product, I would think this step would be completed at the factory. Also, while I was doing this job, I noticed that my nose was running and I had a scratchy throat. I realized that it was because of the horrendous odor.

While this is truly a comfortable mattress, I think it off-gasses terribly and is not healthy to have in ones home. I'm getting rid of mine.


I have a tempur pedic cover and also have sheets (of course) on the bed. These are small little fibers that mat together and make lumps some quit large.

I will never take cover off and vaccuum the mattress again. Horrible mess.

Pusat you have a newer verison

of the Temp so you probably won't see or feel lumps. I am going to sent a plastic bag of the lumps to Tempur Pedic and see if they will respond.


I love mine. My wife and I have had ours for 3 years now.We had to get one due to the wife's bad back.

Our doctor rmencmeoded it. I wasn't real happy about the price, but now I'm glad we bought it.I used to sleep about 8 hours a night and feel OK, now I sleep about 6 hours and feel great. I sleep like *** when we go on trips, other mattresses just aren't as good.As far as keeping it clean we've had no problems.

I would get their mattress cover, to protect the mattress from water spills. Our three year old grand daughter slept in our bed and spilled some "water" and the mattress stayed dry as a bone.I wouldn't hesitate to get another one if we needed to, but that's going to be a long time from now.

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