Leesburg, Florida
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I have had my mattress for a couple of years by the time I figured out it really sucked it was too to return. Both sides of it have valleys that make it impossible to sleep on the edge.

I find myself getting closer and closer to the middle of the bed just to keep from falling off. Next time Sertapedic! Knowing what I know now I would never recommend this piece of *** to anyone that I know.

Again I would like to discourage anyone from buying one of these beds. Do not believe that it has no memory!

Product or Service Mentioned: Tempurpedic Bed.

Monetary Loss: $2100.

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Tempurpedic owns many other mattress companies, check which ones they own before you buy.

Tempurpedic and all the brands they own use cancer causing VOC's like Formaldehyde in their beds, which they deny, but lab results don't lie.


Tempur-Pedic offers a 25 year warranty. Try using it.



Try READING the warranty. Does NOT COVER dissatisfaction with the product. If it did, I'd return my bed in a heartbeat because it is an overpriced, overhyped piece of ***.

Ringmiller is exactly right. This is also my experience- it creates *** and you cannot get out of the hole, even though it is very uncomfortable. Even if you try to sleep on another part of the bed, the hole sucks you back in.


Us too! We still owe a year of payments on the bed we hate!

Like sleeping in a rut! And sooo hot we sleep on top of 3 big blankets with a fan blowing under the bed.


Rose there is currently a class action lawsuit with buyers .. Read more and sign up here- I did!! http://www.allenstewart.com/practice-areas/class-action-consumer-law/warning-formaldehyde-found-in-tempur-pedic-products/


THEY DO NOT BACK THEIR WARRANTY! I bought one and will NEVER buy another!

The warranty was to pay an additional $600.00 then get a lower grade model (3 to choose from) That was worse feeling than the grooved one I owned!