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Purchased a Cloud mattress a couple of weeks ago and it was suppose to be delivered today, great news so far!! Have received no call to confirm delivery today, except this morning, while at work.

Guess what? The delivery people were at my door, and I was an hour and a half away. The dispatch was rude, and he hung up the phone on me!! Called his supv.

and he said that I will have to wait for another week!!! And the saga goes on: called Tempurpedic last night, they had no record of delivery. called them this morning, same deal, even though the delivery people were at my door!! I got the usual run around (not my fault type), no managers on duty (I have been told they are on spring break!!!!).

I asked for an upper manager's name and the answer was 'he is not going to talk to you nor do anything for you.' I just want my mattress that I paid for two weeks ago, is that asking for to much?

If you want to have this great experience, purchase your next mattress from, satisfaction guarantee!! It will be an unforgetable experience

Product or Service Mentioned: Tempurpedic Mattress.

Monetary Loss: $1600.

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AWFUL EXPERIENCE SO FAR AND HAVEN"T EVEN SLEPT ON THEM YET!!! The company that they hired to deliver dropped the ball, never delivered, and really ruined my experience!

The customer service department really could have made this better but they are no help other than "we will contact the delivery company to arrange another date......REALLY genius!!! And miss another half days work for nothing!!!

Good try! I will never recommend this company to anyone else!!


My wife and I just spent 4 nights in Durango Colorado where the Ramada limited there has Tempur Pedic mattresses. The manager told me that they have been there 5 yrs.

Durango is a ski, vacation spot, meaning the motels there are used A LOT! We slep so well, that today I ordered us a Delux bed from Tempur Pedic

Tim Fisher, Pampa TX


you should have gotten it from 1800mattres they got mine to me in 1 hour and i got free pillows free delivery and free matress cover! no complaints!

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