Burlington, New Jersey

We purchased a n adjustable bed and Tempur-pedic mattress two year ago. The bed got stuck in the up position. I called customer service and was told the bed is out of warranty but they would send me the part for $25.00 and they would walk me through the installation. This meant I had to somehow turn the bed on it's side to install the part. My wife and I are senior citizens and found this task impossible. The customer service gave me a name of a repair man in my area. I called this person and came to our home, installed the part by jacking up the bed on one side. The cost was $165.00 for the repair man plus the $25.00 for the part. I expect the bed to stop operating anytime because the security seal on the part I received was broken. The label said if this seal is broken do not install. The repair man said that does not mean anything, most of them come through broken. I wonder why they want the old unit returned, a return shipping label was supplied. I cannot recommend their adjustable bed.

On another matter the mattress is sagging on my wife's side of the bed to the point that she is unable to turn over due to the high point on her right. My wife is partially handicapped to the point if she falls on the floor she cannot get up without help. I called customer service and was told the mattress is in warranty and they would send me instruction by e-mail for the procedure to get a new mattress. I asked if they had a representative to come to my home and look at the mattress. I was told they do not have employees for this purpose. The instruction require the mattress cover be removed, a broom stick or similar device placed across the sunken area and a quarter(coin) be placed between the mattress and broom stick, a picture taken and sent to Tempur-pedic along with a copy of the receipt. This again is an impossible request since we don't own an instant camera and can only do e-mail and search the web.

We thought we were purchasing a top of the line bed and find it is a piece of junk.

Product or Service Mentioned: Tempurpedic Mattress.

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