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I spoke to several people that used the Tempur Pedic beds and all raved about it. I purchase the Ergo Adjustable bed with separate controls for raising the head and foot 6 months ago at a very high price tag. Needless to say it has been the biggest mistake I ever made. The bed is as hard as a rock and forced me to add a separate foam pad to try and get it more comfortable, it's like sleeping on a concrete floor. The mattress sinks where ever your body makes contact and becomes a sink hole. I don't move much while I sleep so every joint in my shoulders, hips, lower back becomes painful and and wakes me up or makes it difficult to walk when I get up.

I get better sleep on a hotel mattress. If could do it over I would never buy one of these mattresses.


Product or Service Mentioned: Tempurpedic Mattress.

Monetary Loss: $10000.

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One hundred percent agree, I got o e toosame problem


I tried to take mine back 4 times during the trial period. They kept telling me to try different things to break in the bed.

Finally the last time i went back they said that the trial time had expired and there is nothing they could do. Since then my wife and i have suffered from bad back pain and terrible sleep.

Worst bed we have ever had. We're stuck with it because we cant afford another bed.


I ordered a set of legs

They sent me a sleep mask

Called them and emailed they email me back they dont take returns

I never got what I ordered

I disputed with Amex

Then tempurpedic sends me to collections after never responding to Amex Taking them to court via amex


We returned ours as soon as possible - it was so hot and firm that we couldn't sleep.


Totally agree - I regret the day I purchased this mattress. Mine is not adjustable.

It provides no support. The "sinking in"'causes great pain in joint and lower back.


Yes we need a class action suit this is the biggest mistake Ive made in my life. I work 2 jobs and need my rest. I find myself sleeping on my sofa just to get a good night rest.


My wife and I purchase our Tempurpedic Ergo 5years ago. I suffer with chronic back before the purchase.

My wife complaint first about discomfort of the pillow which cause her neck to hurt and ache. She change pillow and the neck problem went away. Now we both are suffering from pains in our hip and back. The pains that we are experience is exact issues.

The pain feel like its in your bones tremble, excursion pain. Especially after we have slept in it for some hours. 5000.00 dollars threw away not including the health issues. We thought we were buying something health for my back pain, it hurt worst than ever.

Need class action law suit. BUYER BEWARE


I think some of you writing complaints need to realize that some of you simply are not doing the research prior to purchasing a product. I'm not saying that some here don't have good cause but come on...

it's too HOT... it's a memory foam bed! They ARE going to be hotter than traditional beds. It's too hard???

don't you walk in a pair of shoes before you buy them? I AM sorry some of you are upset because sales reps can be difficult, but for those of you reading this, I think it is important that you know I LOVE MINE!

I have never had these issues and every time I have contacted Tempurpedic they have treated me very kind. I hope those of you here have better luck


Tempurpedic used to make great beds. They have innovated themselves into a real mess, though, and their newer beds have foam that does not hold up.

The cloud series, for example, has foam that feels ok to start but in a few months turns into mush.

We have TP mattresses from 10 years ago in several bedrooms that are still great. The new ones we bought just suck.

TP will not help you unless there is some huge gaping indentation that does not go away, and even then they will only replace it with the same sucky mattress.


If you love you temper pedic why would you be calling them to get this great treatment?????

This guy is an employee of temperpedic that tries to dispute complaints.

This product is crap. Don’t buy it ever.


I too sleep in pain, walk with pain and was diagnosed with a slipped vertebra in my neck after sleeping on a tempurpedic for 3 months (after the warranty). I can't flip over since the mattress sinks and traps me.

In addition, because I sleep on the edge of the bed, I tend to slide off. This mattress is a nightmare. I seldom get more than 4 hours sleep. My husband wanted the firm mattress and so we got the firmer mattress.

I hate it so much I cry. :cry


Ya know, tempur has like 1000 models to choose from. Why did you pick the firm one, ya ***


i have two homes.., tem-perpedic in one home sleep number in the other. the sleep number wins hands down..

esp with the adjustable frame. the tem-perpedic is like you say.. hard as a rock.

i bought it as friends who have them said it takes a few days to soften up..ha!!! i sleep better on the sofa.