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Most people have tried a tempur pedic, whether from your local mattress supplier or from one of their infamous trials. They come in 3 main model groups, Standard, High Density (hard), Cloud (soft).These groups should not be taken as though they are the same.

for those of you who use a regular box spring, or pillow top mattress, and only want a slight difference. the Standard models are for you. For those of you who want a more responsive (conforms, yet provides firm support) mattress, the High Density is for you. For those of you who want a softer mattress that still provides support the cloud series is for you.

The main problem with us the customer is that we judge all of these the same. problems continue before you get a mattress made from memory foam, do a little bit of basic research first. People have reported Respiratory problems. This is not the mattress' fault.

such foam types absorb any toxins off of your body. if you are near any chemicals this would be a problem for you. the next time you sleep on it you may come in contact with the absorbed chemicals. one of the biggest things that is absorbed is smoke, so smokers, or people who are near combustion beware.

secondly if you get any of these mattress' put them on a completely flat surface, such as the floor or one of their foundation. If you do not have a floor or one of their foundations, the mattress will sag and drop in the center many retailers require you to buy a foundation to avoid this problem. IF YOU HAVE A MOTORIZED FOUNDATION, do not *** anyone while the motors are in use or the mattress is in a lifted position. although *** is one of the main reasons we buy a nice bed, you need to have the mattress at a completely flat position before you bet busy.

the motor is made to hold static weight, not dynamic. once you start moving it puts a lot of strain on the motor. in fact imagine a static weight as X, the dynamic weight would be X*X, so if you only have 10 pounds of static weight, it is 100 pounds of dynamic weight. now take a 140 Lb man static is still 140 Lb the dynamic would be 19,600 Lb.

bottom line: keep you mattress flat when banging. I believe that tempur pedic make a nice product, the down side is that it requires more knowledge from the consumer, and comes at an ungodly price. Do not get pissed at the company. read the *** user manual, or if you really need to call their customer support, it is nice, friendly, and not out sourced to India.

they offer solutions to almost all of the problems mentioned on this site. and the best part of all free of charge.

Product or Service Mentioned: Tempurpedic Mattress.

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Houston, Texas, United States #585500

Thank you for thoughtful review. Brought up several issues I had not thought of, or did not feel comfortable discussing with salesman!


Thanks for the awesome review! Yours is the only one out of dozens and dozens I have read so far that addresses the topic of sex on a Tempur-pedic.

That is our main concern right now, as we are currently doing research in preparation of purchasing a Tempur-pedic. I appreciate the science in your review, since I myself am a scientist.


Good review. Cynerbullies suck!!


Gepe53 - you are an ***!


Gepe53 - you are an ***!


gepe53: I would venture that Santorum's your kind of guy


I appreciate the feed back "Kay In Arizona", I also wish to address "gepe53" concerns. I wrote this review to give an accurate unbiased explanation and review of Tempur-Pedic products.

Now by all means, if you disagree with my thoughts then you have every write to post comments such as the one you did.

Yet at the same time please tell me what you do on a bed and how it could possibly damage the product. I can almost guarantee that people do not damage a mattress by sleeping on it. I can with the same confidence tell you any person who would buy a mattress over $1000 is not likely to be jumping up and down on it. If you were to some basic research you would find that most of the motor problems were caused by too much force due to sexual activity.

I do not fill my reviews with useless information, but rather, actually concerns that are relevant to any one who would buy this mattress.

I realize that there are problems with this product as well. I am not excluding them, I simply give a completely un-biased review that any potential customer, or truly concerned consumer would find helpful.


Awesome review! I read so many complaints about products, yet no one wants to take the time to review.

A mattress is very personal and you need to know what your own issues are with your back. If something isn't right about the one you purchase than it should take you less than 6 months to figure out you have a problem with it (I.e. one of the reviews above).

I took one back after 4 days and it was not a problem and found one that worked perfectly. I am interested in this mattress and appreciate this review very much!

Thanks "the blunt truth"


The guy who wrote this comment is a smart *** and all he talks about is sex!! His comment should be removed!!!

to gepe53 Wausau, Wisconsin, United States #588895

First off, "gepe53" isn't following the TOS -- calling Blunt Truth a *** is a personal attack, means nothing to the reader and is irrelevant to the issue.

Secondly, I [and obviously others here] are REALLY GLAD he's talked about sex [and not true that's all he talks about, he mentions toxins, how to choose the firmness, etc. He only mentions sex in the FIFTH and then again the SEVENTH paragraph. And what' s wrong with that anyway? No judgement either way, but even the most conservative person will normally allow that sex between married people is A-OK. So what's your problem?

I guess you need to beware when someone calls themselves "the blunt truth" if that's going to be too much for you to handle. By far, the majority of sex that most people have is IN A BED. So *** yeah, he SHOULD be talking about sex and the tempurpedic here! His comment is great, and yours is ***. I'm from Madison and I sure hope most people from small town Wausau aren't as repressed as you are. Maybe you just need a good night's sleep in a better bed.

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