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I bought the cloud supreem at Garrisons in medford Oregon with my hard earned money $2300.00 to help with my many injuries incured while serving my country. I was assured this was the one.

After a week I was hurting all over but I was told just give it a chance. Some days later my back was so bad I could barly walk and my neck was so tight I could not feel my fingers. Truly this matress my not be for everyone as it was not good for me but the out rage is when I went to return it in perfect condition I had to pay a "restocking" fee of $250.00 and had to pay $129.00 to pay for the NONreturable pillow that was given to me as a promotional gift. It also was in perfect condition.

A total of $379.00. This is absolutly unacceptable. I am furious. I would not recommend anything from this company to anyone.

The matress felt good in the store and hey all that publicity cant be wrong, right?

Well it will cost you 379 dollars to find out if it is right for you. I will do my very best to tell any one who will listen of this *** and destroy this companys reputation until my money is returned.

Monetary Loss: $379.

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You are a whiny wimp.


Tempurpedic is the worst mattress I have ever slept on. It hurts my back and neck!.

The mattress is way too hot.

Please be careful when dealing with this company as the product and the charges are way too expensive. Remember, it is made of cheap foam.


Don, If you slept on the mattress, it is no longer in "perfect" condition and cannot be sold as new. Many furniture retailers carry the same policy when it comes to returning a mattress.

It is your job, as a consumer to research such an investment. Ask questions before you seal the deal. Trying to ruin a comany's reputation is such an ignorant thing to do because something didnt go your way. My advice to you is to give your mattress more time.

I own the cloud supreme and It took a couple weeks for my body to adjust. If you've been sleeping on springs your whole life it will take some getting use to.


I'm the owner of Garrison's Home Furnishings and this post was just brought to my attention. Please understand that when this customer purchased the Tempur-Pedic from us, we informed him of the restocking fee. In fact we have a “terms and conditions” form that all customers that purchase a Tempur-Pedic review and sign with their salesperson.

Tempur-Pedic is very strict with their policy and when one of their beds is returned we are charged the $250 and are required to send the bed back to them. Don also received a free pillow with his purchase. Again, he signed a Tempur-Pedic agreement that stated that should he return the mattress, he would be charged for the pillow. For obvious reasons, we can't accept back a pillow once it's been used, even one time.

I hope everyone reading this understands that Garrison’s Home Furnishings did not benefit in any way from the return of this mattress. We were charged the $250 and we paid for the pillow.

Don, I am the grandson of two war veterans. Both my grandparents were Lieutenant Colonels in the Air Force and served in the Korean War and in Vietnam. The salesperson that sold you the bed is retired Army and served in Vietnam. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your service to our country. Again, the charge for the restocking fee and the pillow in no way benefited my store. I’m sorry that the bed wasn’t the right fit for you. They are great beds and the majority of feedback we receive on them from our customers is great.

I understand your frustration; however trying to destroy our reputation doesn’t seem justified.


This is an absolute fraud & *** job by TempurPedic and Wells Fargo Financial Bank.I have just returned a TempurCloud with the understanding that I would pay the ret shipping $175 plus the cost of a mattress cover they made me buy & pillow yet, I paid $1120. in monthly installments,Wells Fargo thus far is keeping my money, they owe me approx $830.I am going to turn this over to an attorney and go after both of these thieves. DO NOT DO THE 90 DAY its a fraud


The fact that you returned the mattress and pillow in perfect condition should be irrelevant... do you expect them to resell a used mattress... I do question them calling it a re-stocking fee and not a non refundable shipping and handling charge


Brookstone boasts a no restocking fee 90 day trial

maybe you shouldve gone through them.


Kristin--Tempurpedic has consistently been the top-rated mattress by Consumer Reports each time they rate mattresses. Of course, this does not mean they are for everyone.

I know dozens of people who have Tempurpedic mattresses, and I only know of one person who does not love them--unfortunately, that person is my wife! I have a kings size deluxe model that I bought a year or so before we got married, and the first night I slept on it, I had the best night of sleep I had experienced in over 30 years. I have had numerous back problems and injuries over the past 35 years or so, and this mattress is the only thing that gives me relief. It is cold when first lying down in the winter, and it is hot in the summer; this does not bother me as much as it does my menopausal wife, who slept on a water bed for 35 years before we were married and was therefore acccustomed to something that sapped body heat out of her like a wet sponge.

I am currently looking for a good deal on a twin size Tempurpedic, which we will combine with another non-foam type twin mattress for my wife to make a "hybrid" king size bed that we can both live with.

(If anyone on this forum has a twin Tempurpedic that they are dissatisfied with, can we make a deal?) Don--I am sorry and embarrassed for the retailer that treated a veteran in such a way; they should be asheamed. Thank you and God bless you for your service to our country.


I know four people who own Tempurpedic matresses. All four of them say it hurts their backs, offers no support and gets too hot.

Next time you purchase a mattress, go to Consumer Reports. This website does not offer any valid consumer information, just people complaining about not being able to *** in a gas station bathroom, or someone at Rite Aid making them sick. If you want a good laugh, look at some of the complaints here. Weird people.

I for one, think it sucks that they would screw a veteran by charging a re-stocking fee, but that's just me. Sorry you had to go through that.

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