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We have bought our Tempur Pedic mattress from House of Fraser, London, less than a year ago for 1500 GBP (£). We have followed the instructions, our mattress was on slates and due to its weight our bed collapsed. Well this is when we noticed the bed started developing mold and it was wet. Since we have a 15 years warranty we called the retailer. They asked for pictures as evidence which we sent. We then been told that we need to get in touch with FIRA and pay them 90£ to request an independent inspection so they can submit a report to Tempur, and based on that report we MIGHT receive a replacement mattress.

I am pregnant, so understandably the mold needs to go before the baby arrives. Having said that this 90 GBP charge for inspection is extremely inconvenient as I have a list of baby stuff I need to purchase, less thing I need is to pay for something I shouldn't have to. I find it outrageous that besides we have to deal with this awful situation, they are asking more money from us. It is a very good way to deter consumers from living with the warranty, especially if you can not afford to pay it.

I just wanted to let everybody know to stay away from Buying Tempur mattress, our allergies are getting worse and worse, we are sleeping on a mattress that cost us 1500 GBP (£) and now has black mold and the company does not even care to do anything about it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Tempurpedic Mattress.

Monetary Loss: $2473.

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They are in the uk you know its always misty and rainy there.


Tempurs are made in industry leading production facilities. Some how liquid got into the bed...


The mattress didn't produce water - the water had to come from somewhere. Either you have been wetting the bed or there is a leak in your bedroom.

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